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How Secure Are Payment Gateways On Your Website


Starting an online payment system on your site is an incredible approach to open another income stream. In any case, security is something that is of the utmost importance for both the business and client, regardless of how little the payments are.

To guarantee that your business and clients stay safe when exchanging money on the web, it’s best to install the best secure payment services software for your website.

How To Secure Online Payments?

Before we jump into the article, you need to know what a payment gateway is. A payment gateway is a relay that exists in between the merchant site and the bank.

For some individuals, credit and debit cards are as yet the favored approach to pay for things, if a greater part of your installments include little aggregates of cash, you could consider using micropayments systems.

Depending upon the measure of cash associated with the transaction, there are different strategies that can be utilized.—If you’re looking out to filter out fraudulent activities, filtering (or scoring) frameworks can be setup to avoid suspicious activities on the website.

Then again, in case you are selling costly things, you could give clients the choice of paying in small amounts, or with online credit. PayPal, which is the so called ‘Virtual Wallet’ has additionally made buying things online less difficult, and they have started focusing on providing secure payment services to smaller organisations.

There are a large number of electronic payment methods, but Internet banking is the most common in specific nations. For instance, in France paying by a credit or a debit card is the most common form of payment, but in Germany Internet banking is widely accepted. When it comes to Italy, people prefer buying things using prepaid cards or Paypal.

Coming to the point, your e-commerce website should have a payment gateway that supports a wide array of payment methods and still remain extremely safe.

Following are some of the effective methods that are used in payment gateways to protect transactions.

Digital Signatures

The safety efforts offered by payment gateways don’t just consist of encryption. Another imperative security highlight that a payment gateway should have are digital signatures. Digital signatures— security apparatuses which are intended to protect websites and payment information from dangerous hackers and programmers.

It doesn’t matter if a programmer figures out how to get the ID, it will have little or no impact on the client because without the digital signature he would not be able to access the data.

Dynamic IP Address

Another important instrument that payment gateways use to ensure smooth and secure transactions are—Dynamic IPs.

Dynamic IPs make sure that the transactions taking place are authentical. It works on the grounds that the system detects and confirms one IP address that was used in past successful transactions. It now sets the protocol that the particular IP is authentic. If the transaction initiates from a different IP address, the system then adds an extra layer of security to the transaction or sometimes even terminates the transaction.

Outsourcing Security Of Online Transactions

If you’re the owner of an ecommerce website then you should let a specialist company to handle your payment management systems. The company can provide you security while you can just take care of business. Companies can offer you online protection by the following ways:

  • Providing total privacy of data that is transferred via the Internet. This is mostly done using the Secure Socket Layer(SSL) standard protocol.
  • Embedding data, and authenticating both the trader and the bank with the help of secret shared key.
  • Authenticating all the people involved in the transaction, known as 3D (merchant, trader and the bank) security, to keep hackers at bay.
  • Safe storage of data that complies with both VISA and Mastercard standards.

How Shopify Helps

Shopify is a company that provides your e-commerce website with providing access to payment gateways effectively and securely. Shopify is secure and uses all the popular payment methods ranging from Paypal, UPI, net banking, credit/debit card, wallets and cash on delivery. With a lot of payment options that are available to customers, they can choose one that is convenient to them.

Shopify supports almost all the payment gateways in India, and it does so securely you can stay in control of your transactions and never worry about unwanted activities.

To conclude this article, effective payment management solutions like Shopify are needed to keep payments secure and simple as possible. If these conditions are satisfied, then the sales margin can be increased significantly.