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How to Best Use a Gaming Chair


A gaming chair is one of the best additions to your gaming world. It has amazing perks including enhanced comfort and allows for a healthy sitting position. A good gaming chair is specially designed to fulfill its purpose. However, you can only benefit from this if you use the chair well. The question is have you ever learned how to use your chair well?

Once you purchase a gaming chair, it is imperative that you study it carefully. Explore its functions and learn about personal weight and height adjustments. You must also study the play environment very well to setup the chair in an ideal position. Below are important tips to help you understand how to use a gaming chair:

Fine Tune the Chair

For the best sitting position, it is essential that you fine tune your gaming chair. The chair features an incredible ergonomic design to allow for various adjustments based on your needs. For this reason,

  • Set the height and depth of the chair to match your stature.
  • Tilt and adjust armrests to offer the needed comfort.
  • Adjust the backrest for a good posture.

These are three major guidelines to set up your chair before gaming and we will take an in-depth look at each step;

Seat Height

Your stature plays a crucial role in determining the height of your chair. While the feet will touch the ground when you sit, lower and upper legs should form an angle of 90 degrees or above. This helps the thighs to form a slope towards the knees and allows for comfortable sitting.

It’s equally important that the feet maintain good contact with the floor. For this reason, set the chair not too high or too low. Test to ensure that it creates good space for sitting. By doing so, you will avoid unnecessary strain in the back, muscle tension and related issues.

Tilt Adjustment –

A good chair should have an adjustable seat pan. Tilt your chair forward slightly for your pelvis. It will promote a healthy sitting posture that is favorable for your legs and spine.

Set The Correct Seat Depth

Depending on the length of your thighs; consider a seat depth that allows for a comfortable backrest. It is recommended that you have a small gap between the seat calf and edge. This helps to create contact between the back, pelvis, and the backrest.

Check whether the chair is comfortable and avoid cases where the edge of the chair presses your calves. Remember, this is a serious feature to observe for comfortable and healthy gaming hours. You are sure of continuous blood flow in the legs if you set up the chair well. Therefore take time to set the right length of your chair.

The Armrests – Play a significant role in supporting the shoulder, upper back, and the neck. Adjust the armrest well to offer room for a relaxed gaming moment. Avoid a position that can pull your shoulders down by creating a 90 degrees angle. Most importantly, line up the computer/desktop and the armrest.

When shopping for a chair, consider one with adjustable sideways. It helps your arms to rest at a natural position and allows for proper blood flow.

Backrest Support and Ergonomic Sitting

Once you have your gaming chair in place, focus on keeping the spine in a natural position. You can achieve this by adjusting lumbar support protrusion to match your height. It never goes without mention that adjustable neck and head support relieves the whole body, not just the shoulder and neck.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you set up the gaming chair well by exploring all tilt mechanisms. It keeps your muscles and tendons relaxed while enhancing your gameplay.

With the above tips in mind, why not set up your gaming chair as recommended? Get the best gaming chairs, with the best ergonomics you can find, and with advanced features to match your needs. Get an ultimately customized gaming chair to make your gaming experience more exciting.