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How To Choose The Best Piano Keyboards As A Beginner?


Choosing the best piano keyboard has been one of the most popular instrument since centuries which are versatile and still remains the gold mines in today’s world and in coming future. While it’s true there are various types of keyboards available for professionals and hobbyists, choosing one for beginners has become tough in today’s trends.

As a beginner in choosing best piano keyboard, you need a good instrument. Think this way, if you wanted to play a basketball, would you go to the ground wearing cheap shoes, or would you wear a good pair of shoes like Adidas? Adidas, of course! On the other hand, do you really need professional quality $100 basketball cleats? Might not require on the first day.

You as a chooser for best piano keyboards, you get good experience while learning to play your key nodes, for that you’re probably not ready to buy a baby grand or the most expensive one.

To help you decide what will the best piano keyboards choice for you to go with and within in your budget lets drill down about the options available:- Yamaha DGX-650- Kurzweil X-Pro UP- Casio PX – 350MBX- Yamaha YPT-240- Yamaha NP-V60- Casio CTK-4400-Yamaha PSR-E443- Casio PX-150- Yamaha NP-V80- Yamaha P-105

Some of the types of best piano keyboards:-

  • Acoustic Pianos :

Sooner you get the opportunity to practice on acoustic piano, it will be best for you.The sound it produces from real strings and real woodoffer a dynamic, responsive tone color as compared to latest digital pianos. Recommended ones are:-

Yamaha U1- Kawai- Boston- Schimmel

  • Digital Pianos :

These pianos are well versed designed as much like as acoustic piano in similarities. Keys are resisted to provide the better feels of the tones and are sensitive to speed and pressure to provide loud and soft sound. They are designed in a cabinet style console and smaller in size which is affordable to be purchased.Recommended onces are:-

Yamaha Arius series (YDP)- Casio Privia series

  • Electronic Pianos :

These pianos are the most affordable way to get started as a beginner, it’s always recommended to upgrade yourself to a digital piano as a minimal.

If you have less budget for buying your best piano keyboard as a beginner, get started with the electronic keyboard which is available in many sizes and prices.You as a beginner, your focus on the new piano should be on the number of keys and whether or not the keys are weighted.Check for 88 weighted keys or minimal 61 keys you are able to purchase in order to be able to prepare your notes and become an expert in playing the best piano keyboards you have chosen.Recommended onces are:-

Yamaha PSR series- Casio CTK 2400

When you are in the market look for:- Touch Sensitivity- Weighted Keys- Pedal or Pedal Attachment- No. Of Keys

How to go for it?

At a beginning level, you are not really sure of what you want to learn, whether piano solo or piano accompaniment, or want to improve your strings, or keyboard techniques or learning sound production.so always look for better options which covers all your aspect while buying your choice among the best piano keyboards.