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Moving Money Around Through Legal Channels – What to Know


Working with money responsibly is an important skill to have as an adult. And sometimes you’re going to have to set up different channels to move money around that have a lot of specific legal implications involved with them. Moving money around isn’t just about paying for things or setting up savings accounts. There are lots of different situations where extra protections or regulations have to be put in place.

A few of them come to mind quite quickly. Setting up a will is a financial matter that requires legal consideration. Anytime there is an abusive fiduciary, finances and legality are both involved. Whenever parents try to set up trust funds, extra legal protections are involved. And if you’re trying to set up a scholarship in your name or the name of loved one, there are specific steps that you have to follow to ensure continued success and involvement.

Setting Up Wills

When you set up a will, you are combining finances and legality in a locked and precise manner. When you die or are incapacitated, your belongings and your money move from one place to another. It might be that banks are involved or other accountants, but everything is set up in a way that makes sense for the person who set up the will in the first place to achieve postmortem goal conclusions.

Abusive Fiduciaries

There are many legal situations where one person is in charge of another person’s money. Even though people may trust each other implicitly, there are many, many instances where abusive fiduciaries misuse their power. If someone is supposed to be responsible for benefiting a sponsor’s desires, they legally cannot move too far away from that pathway, especially if they are doing something to enrich themselves in the process. There are many legal ramifications for corrupting this balance of power.

Working With Trust Funds

Whenever you set up a trust fund for a child, there are many legal aspects that you have to pay attention to in order to get the details right. Kids aren’t great with money until they have some maturity. What many parents do is create a trust fund so that they won’t get money until a certain age or until they have followed specific rules. This ensures the funds will be transferred smoothly at the appropriate time.

Setting Up Scholarships

If people want to be philanthropic, they can set up scholarships. However, installing this scholarship idea isn’t always a simple or straightforward process. First, you have to set up a fund.  Then put a person in charge of it knows how to handle all the legal ramifications. They need to know where that money is, how much to set aside for specified time periods, and then how to get it out and give it to the appropriate people at the appropriate times.