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8 Must Have Gadgets For 2018


Technology is always changing and gadgets and mobile gizmos evolve into smarter devices. Every year, there are new gadgets and better versions of the old ones that you need to be more efficient in work, business, play, and in life.

From smartwatches, wireless speakers to digital home assistants and smart tools, here are eight of the must have gadgets for the year 2018.

1. Smart backpacks

For people who are always on-the-go, they need a bag that can keep up with them. The new smart backpacks allow the owner to charge their devices while traveling. Smart backpacks are also equipped with LED lights and Bluetooth speakers which is essential for backpackers and adventurers. At the same time, smart backpacks are designed to be durable and can carry specific amount of baggage.

2. Cordless stick vacuum cleaners

Isn’t it a hassle to stop vacuuming and unplug your vacuum cleaner to clean another room? Or how about tripping because of the vacuum cleaner wire? The solution for this problem is the cordless stick vacuum cleaner. Now, you can vacuum your whole house without having to pause to unplug. The cleaners are also designed to be lightweight for easy carrying and can clean all type of floors.

3. VR Headset Gear

The next step for home entertainment is the Virtual Reality headsets. The older versions were heavy while the 2018 version are lightweight, cheaper, sleeker, and have more content. Enjoy family and friends night by playing virtual reality games for hours.

4. Digital Assistant

Amazon and Google with their Amazon Echo and Google Home have seemingly cornered the digital assistant market. These digital assistant are very useful not only for entertainment, but also for home offices. Get the latest news, connect with clients and co-workers, schedule activities, play music, and control other smart home gadgets with voice commands through your very own digital assistant.

5. Wireless and Waterproof Speakers

Like to listen and sing-along to your favorite song while taking a shower? Or how about chilling on the beach and listening to your favorite jams? Great news! The advent of these wireless and waterproof speakers will allow you to do just that. Turn them on and off; lower or increase volume; go to a new song through your smartphone. Simply connect with the wireless and waterproof speakers via Bluetooth or their dedicated apps.

6. Smart Remote Controls

Now, you can control all smart devices in your home. You don’t need to a remote control for the TV and another one for the air conditioner, and another for your other devices. With smart remote controls, you can set up a program and you have a universal remote control for all the gadgets in your house.

7. Cell Signal Booster for Home and Car

As you use more smart devices in your house and even while driving or riding in a car, you will need a device to make sure that your devices can get a stable, strong, and fast cell signal. With cell signal boosters like Wilson weBoost Signal Booster kits, you will always have the best cell signal reception.

8. Fitness Trackers

You also need to be smart with your body while using smart devices. With fitness trackers, you can monitor and track your workout progression, monitor your heart rate, know how much calories you’ve burned, and more. Fitness trackers will help you get in shape in a smarter way by tracking all your workout progress including your sleep patterns.

There are more awesome gadgets that are coming out as the 2018 goes on. And as you depend more on smart gadgets, the need for connectivity increases. Make sure that you get the best cell signal reception in your home and while on the road with Wilson Electronics weBoost Signal Boosters.