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40 Best Comic Books You Must Read


The comics industry is overloaded with dozens of new volumes and millions of copies being released every year. Amidst this, it is utmost difficult for new fans to begin their comic reading experience. At the very maximum, they have left with no choice other than the rhetoric Batsman or Superman comics. Also, a peculiar trend has emerged where almost all the comics are recreated through the medium of TV or movies leaving the readers no motivation to explore deep into the comic world.

To address the above issues, we have come up with an entire blog dedicated to 40 comic books that you must read before the world comes to a halt. And to further motivate you to make a purchase online, there is unbelievable book offers from online stores offering up to a discount of 80% on books.

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Best Comic Books That You Must Read

  • I Killed Adolf Hitler


Writer: Jason

It has to an interesting comic being a science fiction. The plot is about time travel to kill Hitler before he reshapes the World’s history. There are occasional love sequences with the Hitman and his partner. But everything in life and so as in comics shall not happen as planned. Read till the end to uncover this mystery.

  • The Invisibles

The invisibles

Writer: Grant Morrison
Publisher: DC

Another alien invasion plot, The Invisibles on the outlook looks repetitive. But the narration and the twists in the story have resulted in its popularity and rightly being one of the best comics of all time.

  • Daredevil: Born Again

Daredevil born again

Writer: Frank Miller
Publisher: Marvel

It is one of the greatest solo superhero stories by Marvel. Get exciting book offers on purchase of comic books online.


  • Fables


Writer: Bill Willingham
Publisher: DC

Unlike the traditional fairy tales, Fables has been successful in establishing its own mythology giving intense detailing to the characters and to the overall story play.

  • Y: The Last Man

Y-the last man

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Publisher: DC

A Typical adventure drama comic, this comic has everything from humor to intense emotions. The illustrations make narration even more engrossing. It is one of the best comics of all time.

  • Bone


Writer: Jeff Smith

Even clean storytelling, free from adult kinds of stuff can become a huge seller and precisely this is what Jeff Smith has proved through this comic.

  • The Killing Joke

The killing joke

Writer: Alan Moore
Publisher: DC

An offshoot of The Batman, Alan Moore has managed to explore the relationship The Batsman and The Joker in a very subtle way. The plot is simple yet the narration is outstanding.

  • All-Star Superman

All-star superman

Writer: Grant Morrison
Publisher: DC

Creating the world’s favorite superhero in a comic must be very challenging for the writer yet Morrison pulled it off in a style with the addition of poetry, action to his narration. All-Star Superman is truly a classic comic to read.

  • X- Men: God Loves, Man Kills


Writer: Chris Claremont
Publisher: Marvel

This comic is the source of the famous X2: X-Men United movie. Reading the original source will give you more insights on the movie itself as well uncover unexplained facts.

  • Swamp Thing


Writer: Alan Moore
Publisher: DC

A true classic comic that is set up in the year 1983, Swamp Thing is quite different from other comics having a monster as their central character. It is the narration of Moore that makes it this comic so interesting. Comics were restricted to children but with this release, many adults looked up to comic reading.

  • Essex County


Writer: Jeff Lemire
Publisher: Top Shelf Productions

A typical family drama, there are several moments in this comic which you would relate to your own experiences. Buy it online and get amazing book offers on the same.

  • Nothing Lasts Forever


Writer: Sina Grace

The plot revolves around the real life of Sina Grace. The entire narrative is about love and betrayal. There is a sense of meaning towards the end of this comic which you would cherish.

  • Moon Knight: Reincarnations


Writer/Artist: Jeff Lemire
Publisher: Marvel

It is an adventurous, superhero comic that has earned wide popularity. The book also has guest chapters from famous artists, thus doubling the reading experience.

  • Hostage


Writer/Artist: Guy Delisle
Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly

Hostage has an intense approach and is about a character named Christophe Andre who works with an organization called Doctors without Border. It revolves around his confinement period of 100 days which he experienced while working in North Caucasus. This comic is quite bulky yet worth the read. Also, you can avail book offers while buying online from leading e-commerce sites.

  • Doom Patrol


Writer: Gerard Way
Publisher: DC Comics/Young Animal

Doom Patrol is a fiction comic and its first volume was received quite well by the audience. The second volume looks promising and the critics have already appreciated the writer’s narration.

  • Shattered Warrior


Publisher: First Second
Writer: Sharon Shinn

The story of Shattered Warrior is futuristic as it about alien invasion who are technically more advanced than the humans. The central character is a young woman named Colleen and the plot revolves around her survival. While the foundation of the plot isn’t that impressive, you can still consider buying this fiction comic as there are book offers from the leading e-commerce sites.

  • Amar Chitra Katha


Writer: Anand Pai

Undeniably, Amar Chitra Katha is one of India’s best-selling comic series. The plot is based on Indian History and Indian mythology, thereby giving a useful insight into India’s past to the young readers. Now avail attractive book offers on your copy of Amar Chitra Katha from any leading e-commerce sites.

  • Roughneck


Writer: Jeff Lemire
Publisher: Simon & Schuster/Gallery 13

The central character Sean Edgar is a former hockey player and he decides to take refuge at an abandoned lodge with his sister. Lemire is known for showing abnormalities and tensions in the family and with this thick 272-page comic, he has recreated the same.

  • Shade the Changing Girl


Writer: Cecil Castellucci
Publisher: DC Comics/Young Animal

It is more sort of an adult storyline with some commendable graphics. The plot is dark and would not entice everybody. However, with exciting book offers available, there is no harm in buying this comic.


  • The Flintstones


Writer: Mark Russell
Publisher: DC Comics

The Flintstones has to be one of the favorite comic series of all time. With new characters, the latest edition is a must-read comic of 2017.

  • Sticks Angelica


Writer: Michael DeForge
Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly

The comic is an art in itself. The storyline is confusing yet enjoyable to read. You would definitely fall in love with the language used in this comic.


  • Solid State

solid state

Writers: Matt Fraction, Jonathan Coulton
Publisher: Image Comics

Solid State is a modernistic comic penned by artful writers. It is a tale of fateful events and chaos owing to it which makes it a perfect comic art to read.


  • Everything Is Flammable


Writer/Artist: Gabrielle Bell
Publisher: Uncivilized Books

A subtle graphics novel, Gabrielle Bell has maintained her usual style of narrating a story. The plot is certainly unpredictable and would leave you emotionally touched at the end.


  • The Mighty Thor


Writer: Jason Aaron
Publisher: Marvel Comics

A classic comic for the fans, The Mighty Thor is about male domination in the society at its worst. It is one of the best comics of recent times. You can grab a copy online along with exciting book offers from major e-commerce sites.


  • Boundless


Writer/Artist: Jillian Tamaki
Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly

Boundless is a thought-provoking collection of short stories presented beautifully in a comic art. These stories revolve around the sense of connections in this world and the quest to uncover it.

  • One More Year


Writer: Simon Hanselmann

The story revolves around a depressed witch Megg and her ill-timed adventures in life. Though the sketchings are rough, the writing is interesting.

  • The Stone Heart


Writer: Faith Erin Hicks and Jordie Bellaire

One of the best action comics of 2017, The Stone Heart comes with impressive graphics and impactful narration. You can now get book offers on this comic if you purchase it online.

  • The Best We Could Do


Writer/Artist: Thi Bui
Publisher: Abrams

This wonderful comic tale is a journey of a cartoonist and his family as they flee to America escaping political violence in hometown. This comic contains a total of 15 chapters of which some are officially out. You are sure to love the narration of this comic book.

  • You & a Bike & a Road


Writer/Artist: Eleanor Davis
Publisher: Koyama Press

With an eventful storyline and an unconventional way of narration, You & a Bike & a Road is a story of a girl who travels by road from Arizona to Georgia and complies her wonderful journey in the form of photographs. It is an optimistic comic to read. Few book offers from Amazon and other e-commerce sites are available to make your purchase easy.

  • Tinkle


Writer: Anant Pai

It brings back some old memories for most of the 90s kids. Tinkle first appeared in 1980 and Supandi is undeniably the most favorite character. Many new comics have come under the banner Tinkle since then. If you are planning to buy it online, you can save a substantial sum of money by applying these book offers.

  • Marvels


Writer: Kurt Busiek
Publisher: Marvel

It is a usual superhero comic with a novel storyline. The best feature is that the characters are fully painted by Alex Ross that is adding absolute depth to it.

  • Ghost World


Writer: Dan Clowes
Publisher: Fantagraphics Books

The whole plot centers around two girls who are totally indifferent to the society in which they live. The entire comic is humorous and fun to read.

  • Extremity


Writer: Daniel Warren Johnson
Publisher: Image Comics/Skybound

Extremity is an aggressive and fast-paced comic tale. It revolves around tribal warfare in this world full of inequality. Grab your copy online and enjoy various book offers on the same.

  • Maus


Writer: Art Spiegelman
Publisher: Pantheon Books

It is not just any other comic but a true piece of art by Spiegelman. The plot is centered on the writer’s father and his survival during World War-II.

  • Chacha Chaudhary


Writer: Pran Kumar Sharma

Arguably the most loved Indian comic, Chacha Chaudhary first made its appearance as early as 1971. The comic not only found enthusiastic fans among the children but also several Indian middle-class adults related themselves to the whole plot of this fun-loving comic. Now enjoy special book offers while purchasing this comic online.

  • V for Vendetta


Writer: Alan Moore
Publisher: DC

V for Vendetta is by far Moore’s best comic work. It was first published in 1982 and later was made into a motion picture in 2005 that received a wide appreciation. This comic will tease your intellects and it is paced more like a novel.

  • Preacher


Writer: Garth Ennis
Publisher: DC

It is a violent comic that is best suited for adult minds. It is definitely unconventional than rest of the comics ought to be and for this reason, it becomes one of the must-read comics of recent times.

  • The Dark Knight Returns


Writer: Frank Miller
Publisher: DC

Everyone loves reading Batman comics. This comic by Miller dates way back to 1986 and it serves as a blueprint for recent age Batman comics. Hence choose to read your comics accordingly.

  • Watchmen


Writer: Alan Moore
Publisher: DC

Watchmen became the basis of 2009 motion picture also titled Watchmen. The story is intense, bold and action-packed. Moore’s creativity is best drawn out in this comic than ever before.

  • The Adventures of Tintin


Writer: George Remi, also known as Herge

The adventures of Tintin are etched in our minds of our childhood memories. Needless to say more, this series of comics is action-packed as well as humorous. With exciting book offers from leading online stores, you can make a purchase of the latest Tintin comics

Phew! That was a long list of comics that you must read. But certainly, these comic books are a valuable addition to your existing collection of other books and novels. And also, with attractive book offers up for the grab, you are sure of not spending too much on your hobby.