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Five Best Netflix VPN in 2018 – PureVPN is on Top!


VPN services have become increasingly popular in today’s time due to its multiple uses for businesses and everyday users.

One of the primary reasons why VPNs have become in demand is because of their ability to unblock geo-restricted access. If you’re travelling abroad and trying to access Netflix, you’ll definitely know how infuriating these geo-restrictions can turn out to be.

That is to say, VPN services offer you unrestricted access to the content that you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to access due to your geographical location. For example, being able to access the US Netflix from other region which comes loaded with all its additional native content.

Blocking content has become a common problem where some countries provide limited or no access to Netflix at all. An example of complete blockade is China where the government has strict control over what content gets live and which does not.

However, with the best VPN for Netflix, you can access Netflix from anywhere in the world.


PureVPN is well regarded in the VPN industry for being the best VPN for Netflix due to multiple reasons. The VPN service is known for offering AES 256-bit encryption and other secure feature to keep users secure on the web.

Firstly, PureVPN boasts a global network of 750+ servers based in 180+ countries. The VPN service also has a massive pool of 95000+ IPs that connect users to and from anywhere in the world. With PureVPN, you bypass ISP throttling, hence, you get good speeds while streaming.

Secondly, PureVPN has optimized servers which specifically cater to Netflix users. With a dedicated extension for Netflix on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, users can conveniently stream their favorite TV shows and movies with just a single tap on the Netflix icon.


ExpressVPN is also regarded as one of the best VPN for Netflix and offers great HD streaming. It offers great features when it comes to unblocking and online streaming.

ExpressVPN has a Media Streamer DNS which unblocks Netflix on several devices that don’t support VPN services such as the Apple TV, smart TVs and game consoles.


NordVPN is widely recognized for its privacy centric approach. The VPN service offers exceptional online experience and has become a great VPN for using Netflix.

NordVPN offers swift performance and unlike many other VPN services, it does not compromise a lot on your downloading or uploading speeds.

NordVPN supports Netflix in France, the Netherlands, Canada and Hong Kong, however, Hong Kong is only available for mobile devices.

Vypr VPN

Initially, VyprVPN only supported Netflix in the US, but now it’s known to be working in other countries as well. Though the service can’t be compared with PureVPN or ExpressVPN, it is slowly catching up on the Netflix VPN industry.

This is what VyprVPN has to say about their Netflix VPN:

We engineered VyprVPN to have the highest level of speed and security for broadband Internet connections. We write code optimized to deliver the fastest VPN access with the highest level of security.

While security is one thing, speed is completely another and when it comes to a VPN for Netflix, you need great online speeds and dedicated online security to keep your real identity masked at all times.

Hotspot Shield

Although Hotspot Shield does not boast an enormous number of server locations users can choose from, the VPN service makes up for it by offering a smooth online experience whether it is streaming or unblocking websites.

Hotspot shield has been around for couple of years and has amassed a huge user base. As for Netflix, Hotspot Shield currently only supports Netflix in the US. That might change in the future.

Hotspot shield claims that any data which has been recorded while you’re connected to the service is deleted upon ending the VPN session.

There you have it, the aforementioned are the best VPN services for accessing Netflix.

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