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Outfit Inspiration: Tips for Dressing for an Interview


You only get one chance to make a great first impression.  Dress for success.  Job interviews are probably where these adages came from.  Before they even ask their first question, potential employers are looking at how you present yourself, and what you wear makes (or breaks) that first impression.  Interview outfits will vary, depending on the profession.  But keep in mind, that no matter what job you’re applying for, looking neat and well-dressed is crucial.   So, if you have an interview on the horizon and need some outfit inspiration, look no further!  Here are some great ideas on what to wear.

Black Dress Pants

 It’s definitely worth your while to invest in a pair of nice black dress pants.  Find a pair that fit well and are good quality so that they’ll last several years.  Classic black slacks are easy to dress up or dress down, making it simple to tailor your outfit to the position you’re seeking.  If you’re going for a formal look, wear them with a button down shirt and a blazer.  Just pair them with a blouse or sweater, if you’re going for a business casual look.


 A conservative “little black dress” is the hallmark of business attire.  Wear them with tights and a pair of women’s black pointed toe flats, or heels if it’s more formal.  Find a dress that skims your knee, is fitted but not tight, and has some cute details that make it look updated and modern, but still suitable for work.  Although black is classic, don’t be afraid to branch out a little with color.  You don’t want anything too flashy, but solid muted colors are absolutely ok!  If you go with a colored dress, go minimal on your accessories and jewelry, and be sure the dress is modest.  Keep it professional with longer hem lines and no revealing necklines.  Wear it with heels or flats, and you’re ready to go!


 When choosing shoes, think simple and conservative.  Stay away from open-toed shoes and sandals.  Peep-toed heels and flats are fine, as long as they are tasteful and sophisticated.  Loafers, heels, and flats are your best options for completing your interview outfit.

No Jeans

Even if the job you’re applying for is super casual, do not wear jeans to the interview.  You want to dress up a little, no matter what position you’re going for. Your interviewer will notice.

Go Simple

 The bottom line is you want your potential employer to focus on what you have to say.  You have skills and ideas to talk about, and you want them to be heard!  Don’t let your clothes distract them from what you have to offer as a future employee.   Stay away from loud prints, super bright colors, revealing necklines, short skirts, and flashy shoes.  Subtle prints and colors are great.  And if you wear nice jewelry or perfume, just remember, less is more when it comes to accessories—at least in this case.  Think modest, stylish, and comfortable. If it’s something you’d wear out for a night with friends, it’s most likely not interview-friendly.

Interviews are stressful enough without having to worry about your clothes.  Keep at least one or two of these outfits in your closet, so you have one less thing to stress about before your interview.  Just make sure your clothes are clean and ironed, and your shoes are scuff-free.  Employers aren’t scrutinizing every little detail of your outfit, but just seeing that someone put in the extra effort and time to dress appropriately and professionally goes a long way.  So, get out there and make a great first impression!