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Pemf mat: why is it gaining popularity?

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Why is it gaining popularity?

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) is a non-invasive therapy for pain relief and facilitating rapid recovery from fractures and other illnesses. PEMF therapy boosts the body’s overall efficiency. Its efficacy and safety in treating chronic pain are gaining popularity among both patients and doctors.

PEMF mats promote cellular healing. PEMF therapy uses pulsed magnetic fields to treat cell damage deep within the body.

Cell repair

Cells break down as the normal positive and negative charges in your body interrupt the flow of communication. PEMF therapy facilitates cell repair and allows for optimum body functioning by recovering these charges to their ideal state.

Pulsed electromagnetic therapy

Pulsed electromagnetic therapy has been shown in studies using various PEMF devices to be a safe, non-invasive alternative treatment that works.

Arthrosis and chronic back pain

PEMF therapy was studied in patients with knee arthrosis and chronic low back pain in one study released in 2015. PEMF therapy reduced pain and fatigue in patients with chronic back pain, according to this study. PEMF therapy decreased pain and exhaustion in patients with chronic back pain in the short term, according to this report. Long-term treatment for patients with osteoarthritis of the knee showed promising results.


A study published in 2013 looked at 14 previous research on PEMF therapy’s effects on knee osteoarthritis and found some facts to justify its efficacy.

Both of these studies focused on pain, but a wider range of studies have shown that PEMF therapy has a wide range of other validated benefits, including stimulation of the autonomous nervous system (ANS), which regulates respiratory, heart rate, digestive, and all of its essential functions.


PEMF therapies also affect acupuncture points and meridians, serving as non-needle acupuncture therapy. Heat, light, friction, electrical stimulation, and magnetic fields can all affect acupuncture points. This suggests that the entire body’s PEMF therapy performs acupuncture-type treatment concurrently with other behavior.

To reduce tension

Studies have shown that when PEMF therapy is used often, the body’s stress responses shift by working directly on key associated components, including nervous and endocrine systems, together with the body’s cells or organs.

PEMFs can also make the body less reactive to prolonged stress episodes. The FDA approved Transcranial PEMF for the treatment of serious drug-resistant depression in 2011.

Injury, recovery, and healing

Studies indicate that the intake of oxygen into muscles improves by a minimum of 1% with PEMF therapy, which is enough to boost resilience and efficiency considerably. PEMF therapy also promotes blood vessels’ development, which improves circulation and helps tissues obtain their required nutrients while disposing of the waste they produce.

This implies less discomfort and tenderness for the casual exerciser the day after practice. This ensures a lower recovery period between practice and more successful training for the professional athlete. It means creating a healthy atmosphere in the body that is less vulnerable to injury for all.

Also, PEMF therapy can be used safely in all locations. Applications may also be positioned over sensitive organs such as the prostate, the eyes, and the head. The study showed that applicators could improve congestive heart failure when positioned over the heart.

Determining which ones can help you the most can be challenging with the wide variety of Pemf Mats on the market. While any PEMF system may have certain advantages, it is necessary to consider the best alternative’s intended usage. All important considerations are intensity, frequency, and cost.