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Putting your health and well-being on expert hands


Our health should always be at the top of our priority list, especially with the current pandemic that is happening all across the globe. But what should we do to receive the best health treatments while travelling abroad? If you do not want to miss out on your next holidays, while still having access to the best health professionals, we recommend you check out Marbella and Excelan Private Clinic for your next Spanish trip.

The best private clinic at Marbella.

Marbella has traditionally been the chosen destination for many tourists wanting to discover Spain, and for many expats wanting to start a new life in the country. Located in the southern coast of Spain, this town receives the visit of nearly 3 million tourists every year, many of which decide to stay after discovering this town’s beauty.

But travelling abroad has become especially difficult this year. The world is going through a terrible pandemic, and Spain is no exception for this. While we can still travel to the country and discover the beautiful town of Marbella, we need to always keep our health at the top of our priority list. That is when Excelan comes into the scene. 

The best Marbella private clinic is, without any doubt, Excelan. This private clinic is by far the best option for foreigners visiting or living in the country, since its professional medical team provides them with the best medical attention in both English and Spanish. Excelan provides their clients with a long list of services you would not be able to find on the Spanish public health service or on other private clinics in the area, making them by far the smarter choice to look after your health, especially if you travel with your family or loved ones.

At Excelan, your health always comes first

Excelan is a private clinic that prides itself on the excellent customer service they provide, which is especially focused towards attending foreign patients. The language barrier can be a big problem when visiting a foreign country like Spain, since poor communication with your doctor could result in your health problem being misdiagnosed or wrongly treated. 

Because of this, Excelan provides their patients with professional medical assistance in English

One of the most useful services Excelan provides is their house call doctor service. Receiving personalized attention from some of the best GP doctor Marbella is just one call away. Visiting the doctor at their office can be quite tedious sometimes, and we may end up being exposed to other patients’ illnesses while waiting for our turn. But with Excelan doctor on call service, you can receive the visit of a doctor at your wished location.  It does not matter if you are at a hotel or at a restaurant, with only one call a professional English-speaking doctor will travel to the location you feel more comfortable at and give you fully personalized health assistance. You can contact your doctor at Excelan 24hrs the 7 days of the week by using a phone call, email or even a WhatsApp message.

But this is only one of the multiple health services the multilingual team at Excelan provides. Other services available at the clinic include:

    • 24 hours emergency services: Excelan provides their patients with a fast response and effective actions in case of a medical emergency. When it comes to medical emergencies, every second matters. That is why in Excelan they will rush to your help 24/7.
    • Private ambulance service: Excelan counts with the latest ambulance models in the market. These ambulances are used for national transports, international transports, emergency transports and VIP/dignitary transports.
    • Private nursing services, both at the clinic and at home.
    • Clinical analysis. Excelan provides their patients with fast and reliable testing services.
    • Medical check-ups.
    • Sexual health check-ups.
    • Excelan business solutions, which will cover the employer, the employees and any client. 
    • Event medical cover for any major gathering like a sport or television event. 

Overall, if you are planning to visit Marbella, Excelan is by far the smartest choice for your health.