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Quadcopter Vs Drone : 5 Most Significant Point


With the advancement of our technology, we are the witness of many advanced technological steps. Those steps are aimed to the development of mankind. apart from this motto, Technological development is also aimed for various experimental and amusement purposes. Almost 100% of us is well aware of the Aircraft and Helicopters. The most advanced version of these air plane and helicopters are Quadcopter and Drone. The driver-less flying vehicles, this will be the most significant short description about Quadcopter and Drone. Both of these belongs to the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) family. In spite of having plenty of similarities, You can distinguish a quadcopter and a drone in some significant points.

Quadcopter Vs Drone

For many of us, it may seem drones and quadcopters are the similar things. It is conventional to see many of us speeching these two terms interchangeably. Though the two terms are adhered in that they can be used for the almost similar purposes and driven by the almost same technology, there are still some differences between the two.

Here we will disclose the basic differences between the Quadcopter and Drone.

   1. The definition tells the truth :

Quadcopter, the name describes the vehicle. It is a multi rotor helicopter which is lifted and impelled by four rotors. In the other hand, a drone is related to any kind of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). drones look similar to a plane or a helicopter but it is always smaller than those two.More specifically Drone is the broad version of Quadcopter. The quadcopter is also known as quadrotor helicopter or quadrotor. Drones are remotely controlled or controlled by onboard computers. But the Quadcopters are generally controlled by a pre-programmed, onboard computer. Here you will find the QuadCopter For Beginners.

   2. Control is the Key :

In the quadcopter, There is 4 uniform fixed pitched propellers (two clockwise & two anti-clockwise), which are vertically oriented. Those propellers are specifically designed to generate the desired thrust. Those two reciprocal sets of propellers use the distinct alternation of the speed of each rotor to get control. There is no tail-rotor in Quadcopter and the entire balance is depends upon the blades. In the other hand, Drones are totally engine controlled, and they can fly prolonged time than Quadcopter in the air. The balance in the aircraft or helicopter liked drones are much more from the quadcopters.

   3. Utility is a prime factor :

You can easily distinguish between Drone and Quadcopter by their uses and applications. You may use a quadcopter for the fancy flying or for the amateur purpose, but the Drone is never for an amateur. Drone is used for military operations. Moreover, they are used for supervision as well as investigations, intelligence mission, and several other confidential missions. But quadcopters can not be used in such operations, as it has its limitation. You will not able to fetch the same quality of information from a quadcopter, which will Drone provide you. This is a very significant difference.

   4. GPS Framework :

The most significant difference between a drone and quadcopter is a GPS Framework. Typical drones are incorporated with the GPS Framework, but there is no such device present in the quadcopter. With the help of this Framework, the drone can be an independent controllable flying vehicle. Generally, there is no such device in a quadcopter. Because amusement doesn’t need such professional Framework. But, now few manufacturers are producing the quadcopter with this GPS Framework. Check out reviews of Drones and its framework before you buy.

   5. Flying height is a factor :

The specific types of drone which are used for recreational purposes called quadcopter. Many of the countries restricted the flying height up to 500 ft. But there is no such restriction in quadcopter. It can be flighted up to 11,000 ft. Only some special purpose drones are allowed to cross that limit.

From the above discussion, it is clear that quadcopter is a specific member of drone family. There are some other members also like tri copters, octocopter etc. So before buying a drone or a quadcopter consider the above points.