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5 Quick Instagram Tips for Beginners

Instagram is not just a photo-sharing app, but it is a community. It is a family of more than 800 million active users now that posts photos/videos on Instagram engages and interacts with their community. It is not only used for sharing content with your friends and family, but many brands/businesses are using this pace for their marketing purposes.

If you are a new user of Instagram and have just started on Instagram, there are many basic things like making an account, setting up details for an account etc. etc. but there many tips that you should know being a beginner to make full out of this amazing app. Today we are going to share with you those tips, or you can say secret ways to get going on this app.  Before that, you may want to try a great app GetInstal to gain many free followers for Instagram easily

Your Instagram Strategy

When you are new to Instagram, invest your time in making a proper strategy for your account. Select a collection of photos/videos in advance that you will be posting in next few days. If you are on Instagram for your brand/business, define your niche, your targeted audience, type of photos/videos that you would be sharing on your account.

One important thing is to decide a theme and curate your content. It will help personal accounts as well as business accounts in a way that it makes you recognizable to your audience at large. For Instance, if you select a theme for your content where all your photos/videos are in a specific frame or contain a specific logo, it makes your content unique and recognizable.

Post Consistently

Another important tip for beginners is to know that; you need to be consistent in posting stuff on Instagram, whether you are using it for social networking or blogging or marketing purposes etc. You cannot be someone like who forgets Instagram for weeks or months and then suddenly shower your followers with the bundle of photos/videos at once. Post consistently, like one or two photos a day on a regular basis.

Another useful tip here is that at the beginning, try to find out the time of the day when you get the most engagement from followers. You can find the best time by posting your content at different times and find out the time when you get most of the engagement. Make this time slot your time to post on Instagram.


According to the new Instagram algorithm, the posts with the higher number of engagement get its place in top feeds. So, if you want to gain followers on Instagram fast, engagement is one of the solutions. Make your posts engaging by interacting with your followers, directly answer their questions in the comment section. You can also like/comment on your follower’s posts, share their post that is relevant to you and follow them back to encourage their existence.

Make every effort to engage your followers with your content as it is the best way to become discoverable to your targeted audience if you are using Instagram for your brand/business.

Add Relevant Hashtags


Hashtags are the essential part of Instagram. It gives your photos/videos more exposure and helps you reach your targeted audience. Hashtags allow us to reach people who do not currently follow you on Instagram. Most important thing about using hashtags is that they need to be relevant to your niche and your post. Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags per post. Relevant hashtags help you make your content discoverable to your target audience.

Tips regarding hashtags include a search for the trending hashtags of your niche and add them to your posts. Secondly, create a branded hashtag that is unique to your business and add these branded hashtags in your every post. Thirdly if at any point you just don’t get what hashtags you should use just writing something that is related to your post and then waits for a moment, Instagram will generate an auto dropdown list of hashtags with same letters you entered along with some people using that hashtag. For instance, if you are posting something about cats just start typing #cat, and a dropdown list will be generated consisting of many hashtags starting with a cat.  This is a bonus tip about hashtag or if you come short of hashtags at any point.

Connect With Other Social Networks

Another tip for all the newbies of Instagram is to connect your Instagram with your other social networking profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Tumblr.  Share the screenshot of your Instagram profile on your other social networking sites to tell your followers of your presence on Instagram so they can follow you on Instagram too. This helps you gain followers on Instagram fast.

So these were all the tips that beginners on Instagram need to know to make full use of this amazing, fun-filled and useful app. Try out these tips and happy Instagramming!