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Happy Raksha Bandhan Images and Greetings 2017

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“Raksha” means protection, “bandhan” means bound or binding. Raksha bandhan is all about celebrating the bond between brothers and sisters. On a full moon day in the month of Sravana (August), sisters tie ‘Rakhi’ on their brothers’ wrists, praying for their long life and happiness. Here we show you top raksha bandhan images for upcoming raksha bandhan 2017.

Raksha Bandhan Images :

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Brothers, in turn, are bound by the delicate threads to cherish and safeguard their sisters. The threads may be fragile, but symbolize a deep abiding relationship — loving, tender, devoted, protective and indulgent.

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The Bhavishya Puran cites a story that the devas once battled with the danavas (demons) for twelve years. However, the devas lost, including the mighty Indra. So they prepared to fight again. On this occasion, Indrani tied a raksha on her consort Indra, after extolling Raksha Bandhan’s glory. Indra then attained victory.

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According to the Indian medieval history, Queen Karnavati of the Rajput Kingdom, Chittor had sent a Rakhi to Humayun the Mughal Emperor of Delhi seeking his help against Bahadur Shah of Mewar. Emperor Humayun knew about the significance of Rakhi in the Hindu community hence accepted her request to protect Queen Karnavati.

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Rabindranath Tagore started Raksha Bandhan as a community festival. Tagore’s vision of celebrating Raksha Bandhan was totally different. According to him, Rakhi is not only a festival of the siblings but it’s a celebration of mankind and of humanity. He promoted the concept of unity and harmony among all members of the society.

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