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Find Reasons of Restrictions Imposed on Kids to Use Smart Phones and Laptops


In the very recent past, the ‘Blue Whale’ game was in the headlines. That was nothing but a toxic effect of the smartphone or laptop addiction to the kids. If we take a look at the surroundings of our society, Almost 90% parents are pampering their child to give him/her a smartphone. Parents should know that life is not a fiction. The real world is really tough. Seniors who take care of their kids must not overlook the mistakes of their juniors. Every parent should monitor kids closely.

Right now, the internet, smartphone, laptop, and Android are something spicy for the young generation. Find reasons for cons of watching online movies, excessive usage of smartphones and laptop handling. Parental care must be precious to children to build up their personal lives. Why are children seen fighting with their parents over the issue of smartphone surfing?

Restrictions on Smart Phones and Laptops Using

Restriction in the society has many objectives. Even matured men and women are not allowed to do violating ethics. The modern generation is passing through a new phase of uncontrollable innovation. This change is prominent in the society in which children are trained to grow decent with modesty in taste. Childcare associations and many healthcare centers don’t support the online addiction to dating, gaming, and browsing. Children should not be encouraged to stick to their handsets to find friends for chatting. There are tons of sites which are not appropriate for kids to check.

Guide Children to Operate Smart Phones

Children have to study. It is the best opportunity for them to learn how to develop their skill. They have to be obedient with full concentration on home tasks. Naturally, if they are given smartphones and laptops to work, they will manhandle these devices. People who have their own children at home should not be over smart to modernize their kids. Many parents are found pampering their sweethearts to play online video games. They have different mindsets. They are rich with million dollars in the bank. So, they want to make their kids highly fashionable to have comfort. They need more luxuries and happiness by using dollars. It must destroy the academic career of a kid.

A smartphone is a mini entertainment tool for everyone. Well, children are not matured. They are attracted by glossy things and catchy ads to buy gaming tools and toys. When they have smartphones, they will hit the sites to check updates. It will make them crazy to make online purchases. They have no money. They go to parents for buying sophisticated toys and devices. Certainly, these ultra-modern things are not suitable for children at tender age. In America, children are becoming porn addicted and violent to do misdeeds. These misguided kids are not controlled by parents. So, you must give advices to your kids not to use smart phones to damage their lives.

Children Should Not Be Addicted to Smart Phones

Juvenile communities online are tempted to date with daters. Hot movies, videos and various porn clips attract them to explore. This curiosity is not constructive but it is extremely harmful to their own careers to restructure. Even many wicked vendors like to spray adult components in the games. These children try to emulate cartoons which are fully substandard and baseless. Well, smart phones and laptops are movable. Children can carry these mini devices to schools. If they are allowed to use tiny devices to do research, they will take advantage. So, without supervision and guidance, parents must not permit kids to have such ultra modern devices.

Is smart phone a powerful component to refurbish personality of a child? You will get bundles of supportive statements from neighbors. Children should be accustomed to the virtual ambience. It is welcomed. However, smartphone fans must know how to control themselves. Especially, children are not knowledgeable about the cons of these ergonomic devices for communication. They have to be trained to handle such precious things. Scientists claim that children suffer from eye infection and diseases due to the exposure to the bright light. Eye infection affects children. Children should not be indulged to spend 24 hours for online surfing. Whether it is your laptop or smart phone, the side effect is present to produce harmful results. Children always imitate bad things. They must need proper schooling. For this reason, there must be strict rules to prevent children from being prone to smart phone usage.

Now, decide whether you lock your smart phone. It is not a good way to stop progression. Were you prevented from going to movie hall? At that time, movie watching was a matter of excitement. College goers used to watch movies secretly. They didn’t pay heed to parents. Kids must be experts with expertise in doing online discovery and research. Computer is the gift of modern science. The solution is that you must monitor kids so that they must not absorb toxic elements to pollute their lives. Always co-operate with your children to reduce their excessive self-promotion to use these portable devices.