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Top 5 Special Events in 2018 Which Must Rock You


We have couple of days past after the warm welcome of the glossiest New Year. Hope, It will be much more eventful to you. It will be glitzy and dynamic. 2017 will disappear forever. You must have a new calendar which must guide you to choose top events for 2018. People will be happy to participate in these social festivals and functions for deep exploration.

Special events in 2018

An eventful 2018 is waiting for you. You can’t participate or get detailed information of each and every event. So we are presenting you the most selective and rocking happenings of 2018.

   1. Raul Castro Preparing Go Back Home in 2018


Fidel Castro, an eminent Cuban President, is no more. His regime lasted for over 50 years. However, his younger brother Raul Castro got back power to project himself as newly appointed president after the demise of his elder brother. Raul is aged president. He will have to take rest for health recovery.

Castro dynasty will end up with the replacement of Raul Castro who is octogenarian president. Sonic attack on a batch of American staffers in Havana deteriorated the diplomatic relationship with Cuba. America suspended 15 Cuban diplomats to leave America. Cuba will be in danger because of shortage of competent president like Raul. This experienced political leader will hand over the portfolio of presidency to Diaz Canel, the Vice President of Cuba. In February, 2018, Raul will submit his resignation letter to step down from his office. It must make Cuba uncomfortable to operate internal administration.

Recently, US condemned North Korea and Cuba to increase tension. US is considered to be old enemy to Cuba. This historic enmity and hostility must not be neglected. US should value the sovereignty of Cuba. Now, Diaz must take advices from senior president how to handle critical bilateral and diplomatic issues.

   2. Prince Harry Preparing to Wed Markle in May 2018


Romance in British royal family is life blood. Prince of British Royal has had announced his engagement with Meghan Markle. She is cute with dashing body language. She is American actress with superb profile. However, she is divorcee. Her dating with Harry became rumor to surprise many of British conservative members. However, it is the raw truth that for the first time someone of British monarchy decides to marry biracial elegant woman. They will exchange their diamond rings in 2018 to start their romantic venture.

In this connection, representatives of Clarence House confirm the royal wedding ceremony with pomp in upcoming year. Prince of Wales, father of Harry is joyous. His fiancée Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, supported the voice of Charles to cordially accept newly-wed couples. It will be one of the world class events for British people who showcase respect towards their prince.

   3. 2018 World Cup – Russia Is Host Country


With the start of new era, football fans must control their emotions. In 2018, the heart throbbing world cup will be held In Russia. This country has a number of classic stadiums to entertain football players to play for victory.

The inauguration ceremony will be commenced on 14th June. The final match will take place on 15th July in Moscow. Total 32 countries will compete for having World cup defeating rivals.

Russia is pre-qualified host team without any competition. Glossy Luzhniki Stadium located in Moscow is one of the biggest play-grounds. Saint Petersburg is another giant stadium to accommodate spectators.

People have the chance to book tickets to watch the matches live at the stadiums. Online booking systems have been optimized. Visas issuance formalities and other paperwork are being cross checked to avoid disputes so, be much vigorous to track your best football team in this upcoming world cup. Brazil, Argentina, France, Germany and Italy are now clearing different rounds to become qualified for having access to play in World cup 2018. Putin has tweeted his message to people highlighting the vision of hosting football soccer in 2018.

   4. Sundance Movie Festivals 2018


Movie is awesome entertainment portal to teach people lessons. It depicts the way of life. It is the art and people must honor classic movies which must transform them with clarity in cognitive power.

Well, Utah is now the hub of adventure and thrill to attract movie lovers. Park City will offer pack of new movies to viewers. Selected Hollywood films will hit the box offices. From the month of January, 2018 this movie carnival will be commenced.

World famous directors like Reed Morano, Granik, and Idris Elba will have dozens of their created movies to showcase. This extraordinary movie festival will start from 18th January to 28th instant, 2018. “Blindspotting” “Why I am Excited” and “Tyrell” will be special movies. This movie fete will encourage talented young directors, actors and choreographers to exchange their thoughts with experienced movie makers. It will be rendezvous of famous Hollywood actors and directors. Discover new faces whose acting must enchant the audience. Watch the best movie which you didn’t see before.

   5. Special Olympics 2018 to Be Held in Chicago


Sport is the life force to rebuild characters. It refurbishes the mind of a disabled person to think of fighting with adversities. Special Olympics event is a turning point to those who need boosters, support and recognition to overtake obstacles easily.

In Chicago, Special Olympics will entice talented athletes and sports personalities. Disability is not curse. Nor is it a problem for a person. Over 4000 athletes who are physically challenged persons will be seen joining this campaign for integration. Special Olympic in Chicago will continue from 17th July to 22nd instant, 2018.

Humanity, universal love, brotherhood and uniformity in multiple diversities will be prioritized. It will be a platform to a physically challenged guy to have strength. Disabled society and international rehab centers have been given letters for lending their time to make the event successful. This awe-inspiring sporting event for most disadvantageous communities must be unforgettable. People should honor the brave. They will not overlook the demand of the intellectual disabled people.


Countdown for inviting bright 2018 is already visible on World Clock online. People will have the least barrier to meet their brethren. Social media and online chatting platforms will be smashed due to the overflow of visitors to congratulate their dearest friends. These top five special events for 2018 must keep you fresh and energetic.