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Top 5 New Year Resolutions 2018 | Ideas You Cannot Ignore


New year knocking your door again. Off-course, 2017 was an eventful year for you. But it’s time to move towards a better future. More planned, more dynamic and obviously, more successful.

Your success depends on your character and your character depends on your habits. So, it’s high time to change your habits, and there is no better time than a new year. Here are the top 5 best new year resolutions for 2018. With new hope and enthusiasm, vow for a better ‘you’.

Best New year resolutions:

1.  Lose weight / Staying fit new-year-resolutions-workout

Sounds familiar? Well, this is the most famous New Year resolution in planet earth. Throughout the year you have expressed your love towards junk foods and beverages, now this is the time to wake up. Eating healthy food to reduce weight, run a mile every day, quitting high-calorie fast food, start dieting are very usual promises vowed.

Gym owners are the most beneficial in these circumstances. They knew none of their treadmills will be kept unoccupied from coming January. Gym-goers will rush to gym classes with renewed enthusiasm. Working out for six pack abs, strong torso, hour glass waist, bulky biceps or simply a flatter belly…this is high time to at least start. After all a perfect BMI also signifies a healthy mind!

2. Learn something new new-year-resolutions-learn-cooking

This one is safer. Because ‘new’ is not defined and ‘learn’ is not ‘mastering’. You can learn a new language, you can try a new game, you can start a new hobby or even you can learn how to cook! Learning something new is always exciting because it involves the thrill of discovery and the satisfaction of winning a challenge.

The world is full of amazing facts and interesting things to do. You may try natural dying your clothes, learn braille and help blind people, visit a haunted place, join a NGO for a cause, challenge your stamina in MMA, cook some continental dishes, earn your pocket money by creating a new blog, learn to play flute or take a challenge to drive through the most dangerous roads.

Learning something new will always stretch you a bit towards perfectness.

3. Quit smoking new-year-resolutions-quit-smoking

Yes, we know, this is sensitive. How can you quit smoking?! Isn’t it the toughest act for you? The same New Year resolution failed you last year. This one is the fastest resolution to be broken. Even deep in your heart you know, it is tough.

But not really. You are well aware how smoking can hurt you as a carcinogenic element. It degrades your body and your presence, in a manner worse than pollution does. It charms nobody, it never make you relaxed, it’s not at all manly or heroic and lastly it is quite quit-able. All you need is a strong will.

4. Save More, Spend Less new-year-resolutions-savings

You are not alone, most of us find ourselves penniless at the end of every month. Blame it on your spending habits or your socio-economic condition, but you surely can take control of your budget. Nobody is asking you to be a miser, but to be more organized while spending. Stop collecting high end branded stuff, minimize the use of credit card, calculated EMIs, using cashless payment apps, joining a car pull and keeping outdoor eating for once a week are a few steps you can take.

Unknowingly, over spending intrudes to your lifestyle. Take a new resolution, with a raising income.. don’t raise the standard of your living but raise the standard of giving.

5. Spend more time with family new-year-resolutions-spending-time-with-family

Today you are a busy person. Time is running faster than your schedule. But, whatever your journey is, you have started it for your family. They need you and your time. The time you spend with them is your assets and the smile on the face of your family is your incentive.

A better work-life balance will help you. Listen to an old story from your parents, spend a beautiful evening or listen to some romantic songs with your spouse and play like a child with your children. You will find yourself blissful.


It’s not that New Year resolutions are meant to fail. They fail because you have momentary willpower, but you never try to change the systems. They fail because you try to change everything at once but you are in love with the existing ‘you’.

You know, New Year resolutions are actually your own conscience. They need your support.

Wish you all a very happy new year 2018.