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Top 5 Children’s Day Special Movies


Children deserve a special day to be celebrated and this year we’ll have a new opportunity to show them how important they are to us. On this occasion, there are lots of events and functions organized in schools and other children-centric organizations. Children can take part in several competitions and cultural programs where they can enjoy and have fun on this special day.

Media dedicates this day to the children with various children’s day special television and radio programs. For those who want to enjoy this day by watching one of the motivational children’s day special movies, there are many options out there. To help you choose the perfect one, we’ve selected the top 5 children movies you have to see.


1. TaareZameen Par

The movie is known worldwide as Like Stars on Earth. It’s a great Indian drama released in 2007, that focuses on the story of an eight-year boy that was viewed as a troublemaker until he’s sent to a boarding school and meets his new art teacher. The teacher realizes the child’s problem was dyslexia and helps him overcome it.

2. Chillar Party

A very well-rated family comedy that tells the story of a kids’ gang that are forced to take over the world of politics when one of their friends is in danger. They fight ShashiantBhide, the welfare minister, with the hope of saving a friendly stray dog from slaughter. The movie teaches about pursuing honorable values like loyalty and compassion and about fighting for what is right.

3. Stanley KaDabba

The movie talks about a popular fourth grader from Mumbai. He is forced to play by the rules of conformity when he refuses to bring his own lunch to school and faces expulsion if he doesn’t. The problem escalates and has shocking ramifications for the entire school. This movie is not just for kids, but for adults alike.

4. Secret Superstar

The movie presents Insia, a 14-year-old girl from Vadodara whose single biggest dream is to become a singer but faces challenges covered by feminism and domestic violence. She has to fight her father and several other adversities but she doesn’t give up until she fulfills her dream. Even though it was just released in 2017, it soon became a must-see inspirational movie for kids.

5. Hawwa Hawaii

It was released in 2014 and directed by Amole Gupte. The movie is about Arjun HarischandWaghmare, a teenager who dreams of skating. He faces difficulties as he’s forced to move to Mumbai and work in a tea stall after his father’s death. He’s helped by Aniket, his coach who not only teaches him skating but helps him and his friends to enroll in a school.

Without a doubt, there are lots of fun activities that children can enjoy during this special day that’s dedicated to them. Watching a good movie is surely one of them and its fun, enjoyable and doesn’t take a lot of preparation time. It allows us to spend time with our children and take advantage of the stories by teaching them about important values in life.

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