A large portion of our contemporary society cries for various amenities in city life , we judge a city through its exterior polish . But , among all other criteria , cleanliness deserve the foremost position. Everyone is attracted by the clean surrounding of the place they walk around . The inhabitants of that clean city should also follow various means to keep it clean , such as , not to litter here and there so that proper hygiene may be exercised . Then a healthy sewage system incorporates a lions part to this goal. Through this post we are going to reveal the top five cleanest city in the world . They succeeded to achieve their rank through continuous endeavor of its citizens as well as the government itself to attain and retain that state of cleanliness.

Top 5 Cleanest City In The World :

1. Calgary :

Among world’s cleanest city, the top place is acquired by Calgary of Canada which is situated between Savanna and rock mountains called Albarta province holding 2.3 million residents . Calgary have several marvelous tourist attractions over the banks of river Bow and Elbow. Some popular places in that cleanest city are Calgary zoo , Prehistoric park , Heritage park , Olympic park , Glenbow museum , Fish creek provincial park etc.

2. Adelaide :

The second best clean city is Adelaide which is the capital of South Australia . It is located between mount ranges and gulf Saint Vincent . River Torrens is flowing close to the city . 1.3 million residents live in this second best cleanest place on earth enjoying clean environment as well as a classy lifestyle. Tourist attractions in Adelaide are Botanic gardens , Art gallery of South Australia , South Australian museum , State library , Central market ,Glenlg , Zoo etc.

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3. Honolulu :

You will experience the third most cleanest air in the world in Honolulu , the tropical paradise of Hawaii . It is also the capital and vibrant Epicenter of Hawaii . The word Honolulu stands for “a calm port” . It is spread from Pearl harbor to Makapuu point. Nearly 1 million people resides here in search of dirt and dust free pacific wind . Major tourist attractions in that cleanest place are Iolani palace , Kawaiahao Church , Aloha tower , Hawaii theater etc.

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4. Minneapolis :

The fourth in the row of most clean city in the world is Minneapolis . It is the largest city of Minnesota state of U.S . It is situated on the banks of Mississippi river and well known for its parks and lakes which makes the city dwellers life full of excitement and relax beyond hustle and bustle of everyday living . Major points of tourist interest are Minnehaha park , Sculpture garden,walker art center , Mill city museum , Stone art bridge etc.

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5. Kobe :

In the last but not the least position of the top five cleanest city , there is Kobe , a port city of Central Japan . It is situated at the southern part of Hanshu island. Major tourist attractions Kobe includes China town , Meriken park , Maritime museum , Kobe fashion museum etc. Shin-Kobe rope-way offers a panoramic view of Kobe city .

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