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Top 5 coolest startups in India


From big data analytics to food delivery, from renting cars to making a social impact, from online marketing to real estate, these startups are in the thick of action.

Here we feature top startups in India that have not followed conventional wisdom but have taken the road to innovate. These start-ups have excelled in their domain, created new spaces.

Not only innovative, they are one of a kind!

5. Hudooku


Hudooku means quest or search in Kannada and is a platform to connect people anywhere in the world so that they can exchange insights and experiences quickly and efficiently on any topic. It gives users access to forums from any website on the subject that he or she is looking for and is also available as a mobile app for android and iOS.

The team that consists of Ravi Kumar, Narayan Mani, and Ajay Venkatesan is mainly targeting the healthcare and education sector. “Millions of students possess a great deal of untapped knowledge that can be unlocked if you provide them with a connection and communication platform. Students get paid to answer questions and Hudooku plans to keep a percentage of the total revenue,” says Ajay.

Hudooku has partnered with institutes like IIIT-Bangalore, Health Care Global, Indian Red Cross and KEONICS and established itself one of the best startups in India.

4. Perfiniti.com


Perfiniti, a Gurgaon-based start up is offering behavior compatibility matching service for couples. It equips couples to make informed relationship decisions before or after they enter the relationship.

Perfiniti provides a scientific solution to couples to understand their natural behaviour style, which they say is unique to each individual, just like fingerprints. The Perfiniti Compatibility Matching Service can provide couples to be, with information that can equip them to enter into a relationship with an understanding of their spouse’ behavior type as compared to their own, which will help them to base their judgment on realistic expectations.

Perfiniti’s Behaviour Analysis is based on a global Top-3, scientific, and independently validated tool from Finland. Participating couples complete a secure online questionnaire, which produces a confidential 32 page Behaviour Compatibility Report which measures and compares the couple’s natural behaviour styles for 100 key-behaviour competencies across 9 categories that include communication, listening skills, teamwork, problem solving, leadership, decision making, causes of stress, signs of stress and stress release remedies.

3. Chai Point


Indians love tea. The country consumed 802 million kg of tea in 2008, the Tea Board’s latest figures show. Amuleek Singh Bijral, 34 – a Harvard Business School graduate who has worked with TCS and Microsoft – saw in this a business opportunity.

Unfazed by the failure of a similar endeavour – Chai Unchai by Tata Tea in 2008 – he started Chai Point in Bangalore in April 2010 to serve tea in clean and congenial surroundings.

The single outlet has grown to nine. Sourcing high quality Assam and Darjeeling tea, Chai Point serves seven flavours, with varieties such as Chai Latte – a cappuccino substitute for tea – and sugar-free tea for diabetics. Chai Point outlets are small but cosy, about 250 to 300 sq ft, with seating space for just 10. Each location is carefully chosen. “Our outlets are at some distance from malls and plush retail areas, but located on busy streets,” says Bijral.



ZapDial is based on Indian’s popular ‘missed call’ tact. We use missed call tact in daily life to convey some pre-decided message. ZapDial uses the same tact to create record for marketing campaigns. ZapDial has targeted over 416 million callers till now. They have clients like Disney, Dove, Coca-cola etc. Some political parties like BJP, NCP have also signed for ZapDial to use for the marketing campaigns.

1. PeeBuddy


I’m sure every woman, at some point in her life, has been jealous of the fact that men don’t need a sparkling clean toilet to relieve themselves. So, three Delhi boys, tired of listening to women rant — “I wish I could stand and pee wherever I want” — have made this possible!

PeeBuddy, a Delhi-based start-up, launched in mid 2014, builds women’s hygiene and intimate care products to enhance the quality of life for women across the country.

PeeBuddy is an easy to carry, disposable tunnel-shaped paper urination device that ergonomically fits between the legs to enable women to stand and urinate. The working of the device and its design has been adapted from that of a funnel. “We experimented with almost 10 shapes before Rahul came up with this design. As soon as the design was finalised, we filed a design patent for the product, and it came through in Feb 2015,” says Deep.

The product is priced at Rs 200 for a pack of 10, and Rs 375 for a pack of 20.