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Top 5 Countries for International Students to Study for Free or at Low Cost


Reasons why students decide to study abroad


Most students prefer studying abroad to have the opportunity to experience new life in a foreign country. Studying abroad gives students several opportunities to see the world; it changes the way students see the world and expand their view. Studying abroad is the best opportunity for students to learn and understand different cultures. Many students who decide to study abroad become open-minded because of the unique cultural experience.

Several countries offer learning opportunities for international students. However, students need to review some of these conditions to qualify to study abroad.  

Conditions for international students: Germany


Germany is one of the country’s foreign studies would want to study because it offers free and low fee tuition programs. Some of the famous universities in Germany include:

  • University of Freiburg
  • Technical University of Berlin
  • The Technische Universitat Munchen
  • The Freie Universität Berlin


International students who plan to study in German need to be aware of certain rules and regulations, including appropriate qualification. Foreign students need to have a “Hochschulzugangsberechtigung,” a university entrance qualification. Students need to have a high school certificate equivalent to the German Abitur. Students without a school-leaving certificate will undergo a foundation course that leads to the university entrance qualification examination before being admitted.


Norway is one of the popular destinations for international students who need to travel abroad to study. Norway offers quality education at minimal cost, and joining public universities is an easy process for international students. International students do not need to pay for tuition fees, the government finances the whole education system.

Some of the most famous universities in Norway include:

  • The University of Oslo and University of Bergen
  • Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Application to the above universities requires students to fill in an application form and send it to the university. Most universities have online portals where one can send his application instantly. College admission is decided by the university based on an evaluation of the applicant. The process takes two months for international applicants.

Before joining the university, all international students will need a student Residence Permit, Residence permit and student visas are issued within specific periods. Norway also offers scholarships and financial schemes to international students.


France is another popular destination for international students because living in France is affordable. Some of the famous universities include:

  • Paris Technical College
  • Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon
  • École des Ponts ParisTech
  • Université Grenoble Alpes. 

International students can take advantage of the federal financial aids and scholarships offered by different universities. Most students prefer enrolling in Grande Ecoles graduate school, which are similar to polytechnics and Ecole Normale Supérieure. Both schools are prestigious because students get a full-tuition scholarship and stipends.  After graduating, students are expected to contribute by working for the government or private sectors.

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Austria education system is one of the best because of its state-funded, international students do not pay tuition fee. Instead, they pay social fees of $379.36 per semester. Even though public universities are free, private colleges charge fees.  Some of the best public universities in Austria include:

  • Vienna University
  • University of Graz
  • University of Innsbruck
  • Anton Bruckner University
  • University of JOANNEUM

Application for admission is made online with the process taking two months; international students need to receive an admission letter before applying for Visa in the nearest embassy or the consulate office. The embassy requires students to demonstrate their financial stability to ensure that students can afford to live in Austria while studying.


More than 90,000 international students studying in Argentina each year, the country has become one of the most attractive destinations to study in South America. Some of the famous universities include:   

  • Universidad de Belgrano
  • Universidad Austral
  • Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Study requirements vary depending on one’s nationality; the government fund undergraduate students, there are minimal requirements for international students. International students need a student visa and student high school transcript. Applying for a visa, one needs to have a passport and a letter, showing proof of enrollment from the university. One needs to produce a police certificate showing good conduct. International students also need two certificates showing no criminal record in his home country as well as in Argentina. Moreover, a birth certificate showing the country of origin will be needed.


Final notes

Students who want to study abroad have several options to choose from;  different countries have different admission requirements. Some would require an admission essay to justify why students prefer learning in the institution. However, don’t ask anyone to ‘write my essay for me’ before you haven’t tried to do it yourself. All in all, studying abroad is the best opportunity for a student to see the world and develop a global mind.


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