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Top 5 Fashion Trends for 2018

fashion trends for 2018

It’s not easy to stay ahead of the trend and shop the sales for what will be hot, not what was. Our top 5 trends of 2018 will ensure you keep the bits you already have and shop for what is next on the list.

We have scoured through the blogs, scrolled through Pinterest, checked the # in Instagram and had our eyes glued to all the Autumn Fashion weeks to ensure we know –

the top 5 fashion trends for 2018.


All that sparkles and shines, a girl’s best friend and bling. Whatever you want to call it, it is here to stay for 2018. From Tom Ford’s sparkly underwear at New York Fashion Week to the Debenhams Cinderella story at Christmas the bling is on.

The great thing about sparkle is you can go from a little to a lot. For the magpies out there expect to see a plethora of sequined dresses and tops in 2018 towards the summer. For the more reserved why not look to a gold eye shadow or sparkly nail varnish to just add a twist. Our top tip would be to invest in a pair of glitter stilettos or daps to ensure ultimate sparkle to every outfit.


Gone are onsies to Tesco’s and a casual comfy pair of leggings to run the kids to school – casual wear has taken a whole new fashion category in 2018. Do not mix this with dodgy 90’s workout videos or reminisce about “Call on Me” music video styles. 2018 will be full of funky cool leggings and vest tops that will never see a bead of sweat or a trip to the gym – unless you really want them to.

You can expect to see vest tops with cool logos and great #tags coupled with leggings in bright colourful designs and cut out mesh sections to add a bit of glamour to the playground. All the major clothes stores and brands will be full of these ranges so we suggest you shop around and fill your wardrobe with a bargain by shopping online at multiple stores


Does any colour really go out of fashion now? Possibly not, but each season we see an influx of a colour and it seems that good old Cadbury purple is doing the rounds again. For the last 18 years Pantone has predicted the colour of the year and so far they haven’t gotten it wrong. From couches to curtains and tops to tiles you are going to see a lot of Pantone 18-3838. Ultra Violet to me and you.

Our top tip is to look at buying yourself a cute backpack or handbag to ensure you have a statement piece in your wardrobe in this year’s colour. You could even couple it with some floral patterns (Kurt Geiger has a great bag) and combine more than one trend for the summer.


Rose Gold has flooded the market since 2016 with all the big jewellery and fashion houses using it as a colour in their designs or creating whole collections around the colouring. But 2018 may see a dip in this trend and see a copper coloured gold taking the stands.

Slightly more orange in colour than normal gold and less brassy than just copper. This style of jewellery will have a real earthly tone and expect to see lots of tribal and ethnic jewellery trends in the colour

Tote Bags

Since the 2015 5p charge for plastic bags we have comfortably slotted into using our Bags for Life in our weekly and monthly shop. But how many times have you been caught out when on impulse you have bought a bit of clothing in your favourite shop. The experienced shoppers and stylish shoppers will have that covered in 2018 as even Primark is now charging for their paper bags. Fill your boots this year with a range of tote bags. Traditionally light weight fabrics these bags will be easily foldable and tucked away in your handbag but at a moment notice can be filled with all those last-minute buys and style out your already co-ordinated look. We particularly like the Radley selection of travel tote bags which can take an extra bag through the airport but allow you to show just the one at check in.