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Top 5 Football Transfer in 2015


At the end of the 2014-15 season, who knows this year is going to be more memorable football season for the football lovers, who knows Casillas has already played his last match for Real Madrid and Schweinsteiger for Bayern Munich. We all have seen Xavi and Gerrard, who have already declared before their last match. But really they made themselves as legend in world football. Someone who has broke up their relationship after 17 years or 25 years. But really it is very hard situation for the fans, they are no more on their home ground with their loving supporters. But they will play for their new club with their full effort but football lovers of respective club will missed them. Check out top 5 Football Transfer in 2015.

1. Steven Gerrard:


Steven Gerrard, started his carrer from the Liverpool academy at the age of nine, and he made his first debut for Liverpool senior team on 29th November 1998 in premier league match against Blackburn rovers. He scored 186 goals for the Liverpool and made himself as a legend.

“Is he the best in the world? He might not get the attention of Messi and Ronaldo but yes, I think he just might be. He has great passing ability, can tackle and scores goals, but most importantly he gives the players around him confidence and belief. You can’t learn that – players like him are just born with that presence.”

—Zinedine Zidane on Gerrard,

On 7th January, 2015 the LA Galaxy of Major League Soccer announced the signing of Gerrard , and he is no more in Anfield. In 2005 he got the Ballon d’Or Bronze Award and that year he was also selected UEFA Club Footballer of the Year.

2. Xavi


Xavi Hernandez, we all known him as Xavi, Spanish midio , started his career from La Masia(Barcelona Academy) then Barcelona B and on the year 1998 he was promoted on the Barcelona senior team. Super creative Midfield general and got all the trophies for Barcelona.

“Xavi is a player who has the Barcelona DNA: someone who has the taste for good football, someone who is humble and someone who has loyalty to this club. From the first moment I saw him play, I knew he would become the brain behind Barcelona for many years to come.”

—Former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola

In 2010 he was selected as World Soccer Player of the Year, in 2008 Euro Cup he was selected as the best player of the tournament. On 21st May 2015, he announced that he would join Qatari club Al Sadd at the end of the season.

3. Iker Cassilas


Iker Casillas, most successful Goal Keeper in World Football but he made his retirement from spanish giant Real Madrid which was unexpected for the football lovers. He started his career from Real Madrid’s youth system, known as La Fábrica in the year 1990. And after 25 years he is going to leave bernabeu and now his destination is FC Porto.

“Honestly, I don’t have to use up many words to say how good he is, the results are there for all to see. He has won everything there is to win and has been on the same great level for so many years now, which is possibly hardest of all for a goalkeeper. Spain almost never concede goals and Casillas is the main reason for that.”

—Juventus and Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon

4. Bastian Schweinsteiger


Schweinsteiger, german midio started his career as a youth team player on 1st july 1998 for german giant Bayern Munich and in 2015 he is decided to leave, his destination is English giant Manchester United. He scored 67 goals for Bayern Munich and in 2013 he was selected Footballer of the Year in Germany. In 2012-13 he won uefa champions lague for Bayern Munich. In 2015 after 25 years he is going to leave Bayern and now he signed for 3 years in Manchester United.

5. Petr Cech


Cech, who is famous for his helmet, also known as helmet boy. He started his career as a striker but later he moved to the goal keeper position. From 2004-15 he was the number one choice for English giant Chelsea, but after 11 years now he is officially moved to Another English giant Arsenal on a four year contract. In 2011 he was selected as Chelsea player of the year.