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Top 5 Hindi Serials of June 2016


Indian TV shows have carved a niche for themselves as among the best family programs all over the world. As the world becomes more accommodative of other cultures, the TV shows are left to educate the general public. This is one of the reasons why Hindi TV serials have grown in popularity over the years; they show the authentic Indian life, albeit in a more appealing and dramatic way. Over the years, Indian dramas have greatly improved both in cinematography and content. This has seen them competing, and rightfully so, with other world acclaimed serials.

Top 5 Hindi Serials of June 2016 Based On TRP :

Initially, Indian TV shows were scanty. Today, however, you can get a variety of great shows showing on different Hindi TV channels. These shows feature good storylines, pace and just the right amount of drama and family values. Here are the top 5 Hindi shows that have gained global acclamation.

1. Naagin

This is a simple story of a girl seeking revenge, undercover investigations and attempted murder, and it shows on Colors TV online and via cable and has a 4.5 TRP rating, making it the top Hindi show!

2. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Everyone loves the feel of a good love story, such as that given by this show. It is about two people from different cultures who get together and enjoy happy times more than they get sad ones. The show currently shows on Star Plus TV and has a 3.6 TRP rating.

3. Kumkum Bhagya

Undoubtedly the most popular Zee TV online show in 2016, this is a story of a matriarch who runs a marriage hall but her ultimate dream is to see her two daughters, who live worlds apart. It has a 3.2 TRP rating and airs 5 days a week.

4. Saath Nibhana Saatiya

With more than 1000 episodes, the show follows the lives of two female cousins who are married within the same household. The show airs on Star Plus TV and has a 3.3 TRP rating.

5. Swaragini

This is one of Colors TV’s most popular shows and it revolves around the lives of two step sisters and their families, who hold an equal dislike for each other. It airs 5 days a week and has a 2.0 TRP rating.

Can I Watch Online If I’m Not in India?

If you are an avid follower of Indian dramas and are travelling abroad, or if you do live abroad, you need not worry about losing out on the action. You can simply go online and get subscribed to respective language packages. Simply search your preferred regional language and you’ll see various OTT service providers with different packages.

Alternatively, you can get yourself a subscription to Hindi TV packages on international service providers and watch your favorite shows like you would do back at home! There are numerous Over The Top service providers that offer comprehensive Hindi TV packages; you just have to go with the one that suits your preferences. Keep in mind that some of these packages come with a cost implication.

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