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Top 5 Luxury Private Islands for all Sophisticated Travelers


Private islands are often chosen by sophisticated travelers because they offer a high level of luxury. Find out more about top 5 destinations to choose your own paradise.

The Most Famous Luxury Private Islands

Many people consider private islands are a stamp of very rich travelers. Nowadays, well-heeled tourists can get their own experience of a private island paradise. Ultra-exclusive heavens are accessible now for everyone who can find a good deal.


Lagen Island, Philippines

From Manila, you need to take a car, a place, or a few different boats to get to this paradise island. However, this journey is definitely worth it because you can see over-water bungalows nestled against stark limestone cliffs. You can get a bespoke experiential travel and you will be introduced to the chosen activities coordinator who helps all tourists plan their time upon arrival.

For example, you can choose having a great picnic lunch on a deserted island, hiking, cave exploring, lounging and soaking up the sun, or experiencing the amazing beauty of the dazzling lagoons of nearby Miniloc Island. There are so many guests on day trips, so you can have the entire place for yourself.

Lagen Island is nestled between a calm, shallow lagoon and a lush 4-hectare forest. This great tourist destination serves as a true sanctuary for a diverse range of mammals and birds.

Feel free to observe and delight in a number of endemic species flourishing in the natural habitat. Or, you can hike through the local forest trail that leads to a stunning view of coves on the other side of this island. Don’t miss out a traditional hilot treatment, which is all about a special massage that combines local herbs and ancient techniques.

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Song Saa Private Island Resort, Cambodia


Many travelers call this multiple-award-winning resort the ultimate one in barefoot luxury. It’s set on 2 tiny islands, and it’s a 40-minute speedboat trip from nearby Sihanoukville. All local villas have private pools, and they are available in a few categories:

  • Ocean-view;
  • Jungle;

All villas are tastefully decorated and created with driftwood and recycled fishing boats. Dining menus for guests change on a daily basis and all kinds of exquisite meals can be tasted in different spots around this resort.

It also offers daily yoga, world-class spa, and many waterborne activities, so you can do everything to be pleased. It’s an eco-luxe travel destination where your vacation can be green-minded and glamorous at the same time.


Huvafen Fushi, Maldives


Guests are dropped by private seaplanes or speedboats on this islet of white sand. It’s anchored among the translucent turquoise waters. Many tourists choose this stylish, luxurious, and trend-setting destination because of its top underwater spa and plush high-tech villas.

There are many celebrities who choose Huvafen Fushi as their favorite vacation spot on a regular basis. Imagine more than 40 fully loaded and sumptuous bungalows that have private infinity pools fusing seamlessly with the sea. You can relax in a special outdoor saltwater flotation pool or enjoy snorkeling with a marine biologist.

Qualified chefs are ready to cook guest preferences to accompany the most exquisite wine collection. Awaken to the world of timeless luxury and surrender to the embrace of this paradise with its infinite seduction, endless seascapes. This secret heaven is only 30 minutes by speedboat from a local international airport. It offers a dreamscape of many hidden pleasures, and it’s a true sanctuary for lovers of life.

Huvafen Fushi is focused on the extravagance settlement and some of its greatest luxury facilities include amazing corals and beaches, the best underwater spa, broad library-parlor, and deep-sea fishing. Consider many dining alternatives offered by waterside bars and the underground wine cellar, which make this place different from other resorts in the world. Get the most luxurious experience in this top luxury resort.

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Medjumbe, Mozambique

Medjumbe is a luxury private island that offers a decisive barefoot experience to all travelers. It’s famous for embodying an absolute disconnection that starts from no phone signal. This travel destination is one of the last remaining spots when it comes to untouched and wild natural beauty.

A long and narrow line of sand splices into the beautiful ocean while humpback whales swim very close. You can see beachfront chalets on one side of this private island, while the other one is rugged and windswept to let visitors indulge in different castaway fantasies. There are 13 thatched beach chalets, and each one has a plunge pool and a hammock. Still waters are perfect for sunset rides to the reef and paddle boarding.

Medjumbe is a secluded African island that offers a romantic barefoot luxury. It’s ideally located and offers a paradise escape that is naturally exclusive. Travelers can benefit from a comfortable helicopter transfer as a breathtaking way to get into this paradise. You can feel the soft powdery sand sifting through toes while walking on the pristine beach lapped by the turquoise ocean.

Indulge in unique and sensual therapies and retreat in the local luxury spa. Enjoy different tastes of island life with its exquisite cuisine and fresh seafood.

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Turtle Island Resort, Fiji

This luxury private island can host up to 14 couples at a time. They all are provided with many private beaches and sophisticated services. Turtle Island is the ultimate one in romance and seclusion. This 500-acre isle is set among the lush greenery and it’s famous for Blue Lagoon settings.

It welcomes all honeymooners with excellent private beaches ideal for romantic picnics. There are many all-inclusive activities that can be enjoyed by travelers, including sailboat lagoon tours, sunset horseback rides, side-by-side treatments in the best spa, and guided scuba diving. Travelers can benefit from spacious and private timber cottages with king-size canopied beds, soaring thatched roofs, great Jacuzzi tubes, and other personal services.

Turtle Island offers all-inclusive pricing, which means that all beverages and meals, such as free-flowing cocktails, vintage wines, and champagnes, can be enjoyed on a floating pontoon, a seaside perch, or through group dinners with other guests.

As you can see, private islands offer the most luxurious experience to all travelers who value this type of vacation. Choose your destination to spend time in a true heaven.

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