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Top 5 Movies of Shahid Kapoor to Watch on His Birthday


Shahid Kapoor is a vibrant, charming and magnetic actor of Hindi Cinema Industry who played role in some hit movies. He has played leading role in some romantic love stories and attracted people through his role in family movies. Some of his films are worth watching and are recommended to watch them on his birthday.

Top 5 Movies of Shahid Kapoor :

1. Jab We Met

This Hindi romantic comedy film is a story of a young businessman who accidentally meets a chubby girl who lost her train. The girl forced to take her to her Punjabi family safely from where she eloped with him to marry her boyfriend. The romance and the comedy in the love story is worth watching and much admiring as the director has screened it out in beautiful scenes.

2. Vivah

Vivah is a story of a lovely girl named Poonam who, after her parent’s death, was adopted by her uncle while her aunt was unable to adopt her. The reason behind this unlikeness of her aunt was her attractive reflection. Poonam attracts one of the close friends of her uncle who was a business man. The friend of uncle wanted her to marry his son. The film was a great success of 2006 and it was first ever film to be released in cinema and over internet at the same time. Public liked the plot and romance in the family movie.

3. Haider

An extremely new look of Shahid Kapoor that attracted everyone’s attention. The film is plotted on the Sheikh spears Hamlet. The story is of a Kashmir boy whose father was brutally killed by Indian army due to his uncle’s hypocrisy. The boy’s uncle wanted to marry his mother and for the reason he killed his father by an army action and blamed army for his murder. The film depicts the cruel behavior of Indian army to the Kashmir families.

4. R Rajkumar

The movie was a big hit on Bollywood and public liked the co-stars. The action love story is based on a boy who traveled to a city being ruled by goons and mafias. The boy owing to his anger and rage made name among the mafias and starts working with one of them. However, an educated girl attracts him and he goes against the mafia leader who also wants to marry the girl. The action love story was a great success of 2013 for Hindi Film Industry.

5. 36 China Town

36 China Town is a comedy murder mystery where the movie follows of investigating who is the killer of the casino owner Sonia Chang. In this movie the duo Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor get accused as the murderer of Sonia. So, catch your favorite movies on Hindi TV on his birthday.

We wish more success for Shahid Kapoor and wish him a very happy birthday.



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