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Top 5 Positives of Buying Refurbished Cell Phones

Buy Refurbished Cell Phones

If you’re in the market for a cell phone at affordable prices, you don’t have to settle for outdated technology or low-quality products that may not have the latest applications and programs. When scouting around for the best product you can find within your budget, consider looking at refurbished cell phones as an option.

Statistics Show that the Sale of Refurbished Phones is Growing

Are you wondering if buying these gadgets is a smart move? It is, if you take a look at the statistics released by Gartner, Inc. In a survey conducted on users in Germany and the USA, the global market for refurbished cell phones is projected to grow to 120 million units in the year 2017 earning revenues of $14 billion. Given that the statistics from the year 2014 indicated a sale of 56 million units with total revenue of $7 billion, the increase in sales in just 3 years to almost double the share is impressive.


Understanding the Difference Between Used and Refurbished Gadgets

Before understanding the top 5 reasons why buying refurbished cell phones is beneficial, it’s important to learn how they’re different from used phones. When you opt for a used phone, you’ll get a phone that’s been sold by its owner or exchanged for a new device. The seller offering you the phone is likely to sell it to you as is without checking it for faulty or damaged parts.

However, refurbished cell phones have been returned to the dealer or original manufacturer for a reason. Like, for instance, the owners used it for a while and didn’t like it or there was a minor defect. Some users may have also returned the product without opening the packaging because of buyer’s remorse or if the packaging was damaged during shipment. Many units find their way into the refurbished category after being used for giving demonstrations in showrooms or assigned temporarily to testers for reviewing.


Opting for a Refurbished Cell Phone May be a Good Idea

Opting for refurbished gadgets can have various positives. Here are some of the top 5 reasons to choose them over used or new devices:

   1. You can Buy Economical Gadgets

Many cell phone users are keen on buying only the latest and trendiest of gadgets that are just released in the market. However, if you’re okay with models that have the latest technology even if they aren’t new releases, you could opt for refurbished cell phones. You could buy these used cell phones for less costs as compared to newer gadgets though you may have to pay more than you would for a used device. With a little research, you could buy a barely used or almost new phone at affordable rates.

   2. Refurbished Cell Phones are Great for Temporary or Company Use

If you’ve lost or damaged your cell phone and you’re looking for a temporary device for using for a short while, buying a refurbished cell phone may be advisable. Many people traveling for work or on hiking, biking, or camping vacations opt for these devices for the duration of their tour. You won’t risk a major loss in case you lose the phone. In addition, you remain protected from the possibility of sensitive personal information falling into the wrong hands. Should you choose to buy an unlocked cell phone, you can buy and insert a local SIM and use the phone for your travels. Companies looking to assign electronics to their employees for company-related tasks can also opt for these devices that are economical.

   3. You’ll Help Reduce Waste by Recycling Electronics

By opting for a refurbished device in place of a new one, you can help reduce waste by preventing a barely used gadget from ending up in a recycling plant. Or worse, in landfills and causing environmental damage. Essentially, you’re helping reduce the carbon footprint.


   4. You’ll Get a Warranty and Charger

As USwitch advises, if you work with a certified provider or the original manufacturer of the device, you may be able to get a 90-day to 12-month warranty so you can have it repaired or replaced in case of any issues. If you’re paying for the refurbished gadget with your credit card, you could avail of the provision of buying an extended warranty for better coverage against defects. While most of these devices come with a charger or charging cable, you may not get the additional accessories typically provided with new devices.

   5. You’ll get a Device that Has Been Carefully   for Defects

Before putting up the products for sale, refurbished cell phones are carefully checked for possible defects by the certified dealer or original manufacturer. These sellers will also replace any faulty parts and list the possible downsides so you can make an informed decision when opting for a particular device. The sellers take care to restore the factory settings so that any programs or applications downloaded by the previous user are erased and the refurbished device is ready for use again.

So you see, opting for refurbished cell phones has various positives with the best advantage being economical costs and gadgets that have all the applications with factory settings. However, make sure you do the necessary research before making the final choice.

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