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Top 5 Shopping Apps You Need to Download


If, like us, you have a bit of a problem when it comes to online shopping, we expect you’re already well aware of the must-have apps for your smartphone. But if you’re not always expecting a delivery to arrive, then you might be a bit of a novice when it comes to where to shop and how to save money. Not to worry, we’ve got your back. With these essential apps downloaded onto your phone, we can revolutionise the way you browse retailers online.


If you haven’t made an Amazon order in the last month can you even really call yourself an avid online shopper? The answer is probably not. Relish in the smooth interface of the Amazon app and be one tap away from making your next order with all your payment and delivery details securely saved in one place. Choose your next read, pick up a new phone charger or even make your next food order. The likes of Amazon’s Subscribe and Save service, as well as Amazon Prime offering you quick, cost-free delivery, as well as access to hundreds of TV shows and films makes it the most valuable shopping app to have on your smartphone.

My Favourite Voucher Codes

Need a place to find out about all the latest deals and codes for your favourite shops? Conscious of shopping more ethically? Get My Favourite Voucher Codes on your phone and not only can you online shop to your hearts content, ensuring the best value for money. You can also hit that ‘order’ button knowing money from that transaction is going to a worthy cause. Every month, My Favourite Voucher Codes donates 20% of their profits to a different charity each month. Spending with them is the easiest way for you to give to charity without even going out of your budget.


It’s practically a sin for any self-confessed fashionista not to have the ASOS app on their phone. With so many articles of clothing to sift through, their app allows for you to easily scroll through without getting overwhelmed at the sheer amount of stock available. Updating their ‘New In’ page all the time, be in the know about the latest trends. With lines for men and women, ASOS is the online wardrobe you need waiting in your pocket.


Looking for something a bit more unique? The Etsy marketplace offers tons of crafty bits and pieces you’re unlikely to find anywhere else and much of the items sold make for lovely, heartfelt gifts. Find prints and other soft furnishings for your home, as well as stationery, tech accessories and clothing and jewellery. Want something Harry Potter inspired for a friend’s birthday? Or inspiration for your vintage wedding? Etsy really does have everything. And with so many independent sellers, you know your money is going towards something truly special and sentimental.


The holy grail app for all budding students. No need to feel the constraints of a tight student budget, My Uni Days means you needn’t make any sacrifices. With hundreds of retailers at your fingertips with huge discounts, you can save on all those university essentials, like tech, stationery and of course, clothes and food. Need to make an emergency trip home or to a friend studying in a different city across the country? No bother, My Uni Days also saves you on travel.

From food to clothing, saving money and donating to charity, all five of these apps have got you covered. No need to navigate awkward mobile sites or be endlessly entering your details. With these apps, you can pick up right where you left off and shop more thoughtfully and efficiently.