There is a reason behind why Mechanical Engineering is said to be the profession of intelligent people. Besides working on creating useful machines, they take care of number of other things as well.Things like user safety, economic viability, cost effectiveness, efficiency and much more are taken care of by Mechanical engineers. I’d say they are intelligent risk takers of the society! If we take the example of great mechanical engineers from the past like Nikola Tesla, James Watt, Rudolf Diesel and Henry Ford, we understand they have created a name for themselves in the field of mechanical engineering and beyond.

Top 5 Benefits of Mechanical Engineering Degree

1. Introducing Cloud Computing

cloud_computingMechanical Engineers play a very important role in saving trees and in turn saving the environment.I know, I know. Mechanical engineering and trees! Sounds weird, right? Read on…

Since a very long time, we have been using paper books to maintain our major records in office, at home, and almost everywhere. We did trust computers but still had some doubts in terms of the data getting lost, and PC crashing down, etc.After the introduction of cloud computing, the data storage methods have shifted with a great deal. Instead of the traditional methods, most of us prefer to store our data on cloud or online. No points for guessing the people behind the cloud computing machines. Mechanical Engineers it is.

2. Making things easier for people

High_tech_juicerWe have been using mixer grinders, juicers and sugarcane juice extractors for so long that it almost seems like it’s a natural thing. But just think about a life without these amenities! Life would be extremely tough without these necessary things, wouldn’t it?

Suppose you are deprived of these machines for one day, what would happen? You would be late for office as it would take time to cook food, you might skip cooking and have something junk instead and. Basically, the tough life.So, who is really making our lives easier? Mechanical engineers! Mixer grinders, juicers and so many other machines we use on a day to day basis are all made by Mechanical engineers! They are always there to make things easier.

3.Teaching Young Engineering Minds

pros-and-cons-of-mechanical-engineeringOne of the greatest contributors to the society are the mechanical engineering professors or teachers because they train the future of our country. Training young minds to one day build latest technology and machines is a commendable job. In fact, this is what decides the future of a common man.Always Remember: It is greater work to educate a child, in true and larger sense of the world, than to rule a state.

Sure, there are so many teachers all over the world but can they all teach mechanical engineering? Of course, not! Only a well-read mechanical engineer can teach mechanical engineering. After all, it is important to pass on all the knowledge we have.

4.The Energy Solution

alternative-energyAll over the world, people are facing the problem of inadequate power. In developing countries like India and Nepal, there is acute shortage of power. Moreover, the prices of fuels are increasing at a fast pace. Mechanical engineers can help solve the problem of power by finding a green solution to it. Some of the green solutions with which they have helped in the past include solar power solutions, hybrid vehicle energy solutions and so on.

5. Be Innovative and make cost-effective products

Cost_effectiveNot every individual can afford to buy the basic machine requirements. The mechanical engineers must make machines that will reduce costs for the general public, which would in turn reduce the day to day living expenses.

We all remember when the car Nano was released, don’t we? Many of the people who belonged to the lower middle class sector were able to afford a car after the introduction of the ‘low-budget’ car.All the Mechanical engineering information that we have is very limited and we must know that there is much more to it. As a person who goes to the office daily, I cannot even imagine my life without machines and mechanical engineers. Without machines, I’ll have to walk down to the office (no cars), I’ll have to consume cold food (no microwave), I’ll have to take a ship from India to USA (no airplanes) and life without an air conditioner and so many other things. It will be a big mess, I’d say! We must thank them each day, every day as life without them is unimaginable.

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