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Top 5 Ways to Make Your House Green | Environment Friendly


Going green and environment-friendly is no longer as intricate as it appeared a few decades ago. Today, greening up your home is as simple as repairing a leaking tap, turning off underutilized lights, or even setting heating and cooling temperatures correctly. In some cases, you may have to cough a dollar or two, although it’s upon you as the property owner to know the areas you are willing to compromise in order to break even.

Below are 5 laid back ways you can embrace to turn your property into an eco-friendly green haven:

1. Seal gaps and invest in insulation

Some traditional homes have gaps around windows and doors that result in the wastage of energy. When all these gaps add up, it is the same as having an open window all year round. Sealing such gaps can save you from high heating and cooling bills and conserve energy drastically. Similarly, proper insulation depending on the locality of residence will help in retaining conditioned air temperature.

2. Create a compost and recycling station

Because half of the trash produced in homes is entirely made of food scraps, compost stations are perfect for making fertilizer for your garden. One unit costs between $100 and $500, which is affordable enough, considering the benefits accrued to the environment. Besides, most cities pick up and process compostable wastes and recyclable material, which means that you don’t have to worry about disposal.

3. Look beyond plastic, paper, and glass

When used to extremes, plastic, paper, and glass can become an environmental nuisance. It is, therefore, worthwhile to use durable goods like reusable food containers and to swap paper plates and plastic cups for ceramic ones. You may also explore creative ways to recycle household goods or decide on purchasing recycled products instead. Check out these top 5 cleanest cities in the world and follow their footsteps.

4. Go easy on your water supply

Saving water simply calls for the adoption of simple habits like filling the sink to do dishes, saving baths for special occasions, avoiding turning on the dish washer or washing machine until it’s full, and thinking before flushing minor wastes like tampons, and wipes. In case your property is for sale, you can opt to replace your old faucets and showerheads with low-flow modern ones that release fewer gallons per minute.

5. Save on energy

Property owners can save up energy in numerous ways. One of the most common methods for those willing to put up their property for sale is to switch from regular incandescent bulbs to energy efficient fluorescent lights – they consume less energy and can last up to 10 times longer. Other ways include unplugging idle appliances, turning off the lights when not in use, installing automatic timers, setting cooling temperatures correctly, and installing programmable thermostats.

Other innovative techniques you might consider.  These are all actionable tips that home owners have been implementing for over a decade:

Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products

The majority of cleaning products are harmful chemicals that pose significant environmental risks. It is therefore advisable to switch to eco-friendly products and to closely monitor the ones that your workers use when cleaning your property. You might even consider making your own products if you are the budget-cautious type.

Clear the air

It might come as a shock but going green starts with clearing the air. You may do this by banning smoking, growing plants indoors, installing a carbon monoxide detector, or checking for radon (a radioactive gas commonly found in soil).


Landscaping is like making your home green! Not only is it beautiful and low maintenance but also is one of the best favor you can do to the environment. It allows for local insects and wildlife to thrive and keeps the environment in balance.

Stop the junk mail waste

Junk mail is not only annoying but also bad for the environment. A greener way of going around it is subscribing to an online service. Nowadays, most financial institutions, cable companies, and utility providers alike offer the option to obtain online statements in the place of printed mail. Besides, you can choose to opt out of unsolicited credit card offers, commercial mail, and insurance offers.

Go solar

It is undebatable that installing solar panels is the best style of going green. Although they are expensive to install, the long-terms benefits are too good to discount. It is common for investors to embrace solar energy when putting up property for sale to attract clients and add value to their investments.