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Top 5 Mobile Augmented Reality Games Of 2017

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Just a few months before, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple is embedding AR technology into iPhone 8 & AR is going to be one of the top features of ios11. Now the question is what is AR technology and how it changes the whole gaming experience. AR or Augmented Technology is nothing but a computer-generated virtual reality. You will find yourself in a virtual environment or surrounding, where you do not practically exist. When you are playing a normal windows or android or ios games, Your surroundings are not changing according to your game mode. But it is the time for a change, Augmented Reality Games introduce the real time thrill and excitement just by having a smartphone.

Both the Android and iOS platforms offer that Augmented Reality Games. Something different from normal games like slope or Run 3. The specialty of those games lies in the playing experience in the real environment. We are presenting here the top 5 augmented reality games, which will surely change your gaming experience.

   1. Pokemon go :

Probably the most hiked game of 2016 and 2017. Maybe Pokemon go is the biggest step up in the gaming world. The whole surroundings of the game are real. It is a free-to-play game. The location-based augmented reality game is developed by Niantic and suitable for both Android and iOS platform. You have to just trace out and capture the Pokemon, hit the poke stops and battle gyms in the real environment. The game is still in development stage, so you can expect it as a really big event for coming future.

   2. Ingress :

” The world around you is not what it seems”- this is the catch line of another Niantic product, Ingress. 2012 released augmented reality game Ingress is increasing its popularity day by day. It is the game about faction and capturing the dark energy that dominates the way of thinking. One side is Enlightened who wants to use this energy to govern the humanity and the other side Resistance desires to protect the mankind. You have to choose one side and take control over the “Exotic Matter” or that black energy located in popular landmarks Through the GPS system of your phone.

   3. AR Invaders :

The most fascinating and adventurous AR games of 2017 is AR Invaders. Invaders mean a person or group that attacks a country or a place. Here the invaders are aliens and you have to join the Earth defense forces to protect the planet from those raiders. You can play the game in two modes, one is 180° and another is 360°. The first one is for playing in sitting position and the rest for the standing mode. It’s a multiplayer game suitable for both the android and ios platform. So just find out the invaders in your city and shoot out.

    4. Temple Treasure Hunt :

The Temple Treasure Hunt game is developed by ThoughtShastra Solutions. The current version of this game is 1.4. This AR game is a perfect blend of suspense and thriller. You have to find out the secret temple of Lord Shiva. You have an option to choose your role as a treasure hunter or a treasure protector in this game. The game ambiance and scenario is converted into the real one by using your phone’s camera. With stereo headset, it is the perfect experience of playing the geo-location game in a real thriller.

   5. Zombie GO :

Zombies are everywhere. They are waiting to lunge at you when you are walking to your home or school or anywhere. You have to defend yourself by fighting them using various weapons. Yes, this is the summary of this Real World Zombie Game. The current version is 2.1 and no doubt, This AR game gives a huge shake to the 2017 gaming industry.


So that’s all for top 5 Augmented reality games. Why are you waiting? just download anyone of them and make your gaming experience to a different level. Apart from the above discussion, there are few more AR games those will mesmerize you. If you have some additional idea, please leave your valuable comments below.