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What is Android Box? And Why to buy it?


What is Android Box?

You guys can transform any TV into a smart TV through the Android Box. Android box gives the users access to television shows such as live sports, and movies, a multitude of applications and also play games. Android Box offers a Web browser for access to the Internet and you also play music.

All Android boxes are capable of some level of HD, some give the higher quality and some give the lower quality of HD others. If you have an HDTV capable of 1080p, make sure your TV box matches the higher HD resolution. Here we are going to tell about something important, and after that, you will be ready to buy Android Box today.


Important Features to buy Android box today

1. User-Friendly Design

There are many features that are added in the android box and one of the most excellent features is its user-friendly design. There are lots of issues create with the tv such as running cables from one device to another, checking cable performance, and double-checking to achieve top performance take time. This is the reason that tv box should be as easy as possible to set up and operate. And for your help, it is designed as user-friendly.

2. Experience Best Video

Now you can watch the watch videos in best quality and experience the best videos on YouTube delivered in high-quality 4K content directly to your TV.


3. Processor Speed

Processor speed is an important feature that affects everything you of the device. For most applications, a dual-core processor is sufficient for smooth performance. For high speed, can select a quad-core processor. Because it provides lightning fast performance, advanced technology and more.


4.Convert into computer

With this excellent feature, you can download the Skype and communicate with others who use Skype. You can install the Gmail or PowerPoint and can send and receive the emails and also do the official meeting from your home.


5. Internet connection

You can use Wi-Fi or Ethernet access. An Ethernet port connection is not important when you have a Wi-Fi access. But I case of cables, you need to make sure your new box can handle the connection.

6. HD Resolution

HD resolution is also one of the best features of the android box. Many Android boxes have a level of HD. So, make sure take a higher quality HD resolution, if your TV has the HDTV capable of 1080p.

How to set up Android box with your TV?

  1. First, you have to connect the android box and the TV with HDMI cable.
  2. Plug in and turn it on.
  3. Setup your Wi-Fi connection to your android box
  4. At last, after above method, you can enjoy all the free content as movies, TV shows, TV channels, and also do much more.


Cost of Android box

If you want to buy the android box than please compare its the costs in various sites. So, make sure to determine the upfront cost of the box. And also don’t forget to check subscription or annual fee for service.


How does the Android box work?

  • It can be connected with the Wi-Fi.
  • The XBMC allows selecting a desired type of media.
  • Fusion is a tool through which can stream different type of media to the tv.
  • Can use as a wireless keyboard.
  • Helps in access to the Google Play Store.
  • Voice searching.


From where we can buy the Android box?

We can buy the Android box from online. It is available on the official selling sites and you guys can get the android box from there to buy.


Why should buy the android box today?

Here, from above reading, you can see the excellent features and the important things about the android box. All above information make it special to buy and the cost is also affordable to the users to buy. You can do the many things through it such as, can play the game, connect with the social media, video calling, send or receive the email and much more. So, don’t be late and go online, select your favorite Android and buy android box today for your TV.


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