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Worst dressed bollywood actors

Let's take a look at the not-so lucky stars who appeared in the 'Worst dressed bollywood actors' list.

Well, money can buy almost everything but style is not in this list. For all the money they have, these celebrities just can’t seem to afford some TASTE. If you are a star, you have to look presentable all the time. After all being an icon is not so easy.

Be it the choice of colour or the fit of the dress or sheer lack of style, these celebs and their dresses made it to the ‘Worst dressed bollywood actors’. Let’s take a look at those not-so lucky stars..


This man, sorry to say, just has no clue.

This man, sorry to say, just has no clue. He made a comeback and so did his deadly dressing style. Fiery red, parrot green, magenta and yellow are some of his favourite colours. Maybe his favourite festival is indeed Holi. Moving on!

Abhishek Bachchan

Get some idea Abhishek.

The 39-year-old star has everything. He is tall, dark and handsome but what he lacks is style sense. Yes surprisingly Abhishek Bachchan is in our ‘worst dressed bollywood actors’ list. It seems everything including his wardrobe has taken a back-seat for him since Aishwarya has become the centre of all his attention post marriage.

Ranveer Singh

Please spend some time on your dressing rather than your co-stars Ranveer.

He’s got the charm, the cool attitude, he is handsome and he is the Ranveer Singh. His movies might be giving other A-list actors a run for their money, but his fashion game isn’t too strong. He is brave and loves to experiment, which is a good thing but it doesn’t turn out good always.  He’s taken the experiments a bit too far and we aren’t really happy with the results. He really needs to get this more seriously and his style statements right.

Salman Khan

Bhai, biker leather jackets are a big no.

Yes, bhai is in our ‘worst dressed bollywood actors’ list. Salman khan should know that ‘I look cool in everything I wear’ is a myth.  From atrociously embroidered denims to tacky looking shirts, he’s getting into anything and everything these days.  Without any offence to his fans, but Salman Khan should get rid of those things..

Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn needs to experiment with his style.

Ajay Devgn needs to experiment with his style or hire a stylist or or take fashion tips from his ever stunning wife. He is Wearing the same denims with every shirt of his and not experimenting with his looks for ages. Though he has managed to look suave on a number of award functions, we hope he maintains that confidence.

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