This Week in Business: Impeachment, China, and More

Impeach and impeachment concept as United States congress votes on legislation for impeaching a president or removing a political figure representing government legal procedures in a 3D illustration style.

The world of business never sleeps and this week is sure to be another busy week as the world of finance rolls on. There are a few key events unfolding this week that everyone in the finance world to keep their eyes on. This includes everything from the impeachment of Donald Trump and China to what’s happening with individual companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Daimler.


First, the impeachment of Donald Trump continues to roll on and this is going to have an impact on the outlooks of many investors. There are some experts who say that the reason for the record bull market that we continue to enjoy is President Trump and his financial policies. As the impeachment trial continues to roll on, investors are going to be watching closely. Right now, given that the Republicans hold the majority in the Senate, it is unlikely that he is going to be removed from office; however, if there is any uncertainty regarding his future, expect the markets to respond in a negative way.


Next, the Chinese economy continues to grow. With the largest population in the world, nearly every major company does business with the Asian giant. Recently, there has been a mystery virus that has swept through the country. It has already claimed lives. As a result, many investors are worried about investing in the Asian sphere. It will be important for those with any ties at all to China to watch how the government responds to this mystery virus. The sooner it is contained, the better.

Not to be outdone, Hong Kong continues to be a major issue for investors in the Asian sphere. Hong Kong is the central hub for the entire region and protests continue to rock the city-state. The protestors are demanding an investigation into police brutality and more open elections. The government refuses to back down. Recently, the protests have become more violent, severely impacting business interests in the area. The sooner the protests end, the quicker the economy will get going again. This is good for those looking for an Australian forex broker.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson has been rocked by some tremendous lawsuits over the past few years; however, it doesn’t seem to have slowed down the pharmaceutical giant. The company is going to post its 4thquarter earnings this week. Many experts are expecting a big surprise. If JNJ beats its earnings expectations, expect the stock to climb higher. Biotech and healthcare investors are going to be watching this stock closely this week.


Finally, the maker of the popular Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicles, Daimler, has been struggling. It recently posted its earnings for the year and they fell by half when compared to prior years. This has been a major disappointment in a year that has largely been positive for the auto industry as a whole. Investors are going to be curious to see what Daimler has to say about why its earnings have fallen and how the popular automaker is going to rectify these issues moving forward.