5 Tips You Should Know About The Microblading Treatment


Microblading is still a relatively new technique. You may have questions that you would like answered. 

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, you must have a full understanding of what is involved before you decide to try it out. 

So put those tweezers down and carry on reading. Here is everything you need to know about the innovative technique known as microblading. 

The Basics Of Microblading

Microblading is a technique that involves giving your eyebrows a fuller and more natural appearance. 

It can be compared to a type of semi-permanent tattoo, that provides you with full and natural-looking brows. If your brows are sparse or untamed, microblading might be the perfect solution for you.

The process involves a professional and skilled artist who will use a specialized tool that is dipped in pigment to help you achieve darker and fuller brows. The microblading pen comes with a very thin tip that is used to draw on the “eyebrow hairs”.

The technician that performs microblading will make precise and accurate strokes to build up a perfect set of brows. 

This technique usually takes between an hour or two to complete. The time will depend on the desired shape and density of the brows. 

Microblading obviously takes longer than your usual eyebrow wax, but you can expect the results to last for a lot longer.

Each person has a unique face, so it is important to allow the technician to take the time that they need to get your eyebrows looking just right. 

Is Microblading Painful?

Many people describe their microblading experiences as uncomfortable rather than painful. The trained microblading technician will first apply an anesthetic cream to your brow area which helps to minimize the pain. 

Am I Candidate For Microblading?

Many people can undergo microblading treatments without any problems. However, there are still certain illnesses or conditions that can result in issues. If you have one or more of these conditions, then microblading might not be a great option for you:

– If you are breastfeeding, microblading involves the use of an anesthetic that may not be safe for breastfeeding or pregnant women.

– Diabetic. 

– If you have a serious disease like autoimmune disorders, epilepsy, or cancer, it is better to first consult with a doctor to find out if it is safe to undergo microblading. 

– Sunburn.

– You have had a cosmetic procedure recently done such as Botox.

– You have recently had your eyebrows waxed.

– If you have an iron deficiency, this condition may interfere with your microblading results. Pigments that are used for microblading are iron-oxide based. When your body is not producing sufficient amounts of iron, the ink might not retain very well. 

– If you are anemic or have poor iron levels, it is important to take an iron supplement before as well as after the treatment. It is recommended to start taking these supplements at least 6 weeks before the appointment. You should also continue to take them at least 6 weeks after your treatment. 

– Your skin type can also affect the results of your treatment. If your skin is dry, the results will usually be more defined and crisp.

– If your skin is oily, then you may need to stick to an aftercare routine. For instance, you should be blotting your skin, especially around the forehead area, frequently throughout the day to stop excess oils from building up.

– It is also important that you only go to a skilled and qualified technician for your microblading treatment to avoid any health complications. 

What You Should Know About The Post-Treatment

After the treatment, you must keep your brow as dry and clean as you possibly can for at least 7 days.  Over this time the ink will start to darken, and you will notice a visible difference as the days go by. 

After a week, you should notice dark and luscious eyebrows that frame your face perfectly. 

Will I Be Able To Use Eyebrow Makeup After My Procedure?

If your microblading treatment was done correctly, you won’t be needing any eyebrow makeup. This technique is aimed at providing full-looking and natural eyebrows. 

However, if you would still like to apply make-up to this area, you need to wait until your eyebrows have completely healed. 

How Long Does Microblading Last?

Microblading is a semi-permanent solution. Unlike threading or waxing, your eyebrows will retain their appearance for a lot longer. 

Microblading is the ideal choice for fuller eyebrows without the need for regular attention. You can have touch-ups done now and again, but you can expect your results to last for several months.

About The Healing Process

Directly after the treatment, it is normal for your brows to look dark and sharp. Do not allow this to alarm you. After the treatment, the pigments are still present in the top layers of your skin, and they need a bit of time to settle. The pigments start to soften once the ink starts to settle. 

Your brows will lighten over 5 to 12 days. Over this time, the pigment absorbs into deeper layers of your skin. After this, the skin cells will naturally push the color back up to the top layer or surface of the skin.

Your brows will first go dark, and then light. Once fully healed the color will look just right. 

You can expect to see your final results after 3 to 4 weeks after the procedure. This is the ideal time to go back for corrections or touch-ups if needed. 

It is important to follow the post-care instructions to ensure your skin remains healthy and supple. 

Choose The Right Artist

To achieve professional-looking results from your microblading treatment, you need to choose a skilled artist. Ask for recommendations from friends or family and ask the artist to show you examples of their work. 

The Best Microblading salons involve a precise and accurate technique that involves the experience of a talented and qualified artist. This is one of those beauty treatments that you will want to be done right. 

Stay away from the at-home microblading kits. You could make mistakes or pick up an infection that may take several months or even a year or two to fix. 

To prevent any microblading mishaps, make sure you are using the right artist. Not every technician is qualified or licensed. 

When you choose an artist, ask them to show you their license. If they are not licensed, ask for a health-department inspection, or an occupational license. If they can produce valid documentation, they are most likely a qualified and professional artist. 

It is also important to find out about the tools that will be used for the procedure. The tool must always be a disposable, one-time-use instrument. 

If the technician does not open a new instrument for the appointment, make sure you cancel the appointment and leave. 

Final Thoughts On Microblading

If you are looking to add more definition and volume to your eyebrows, microblading can make a significant difference. Your brows frame your face, and it can change the way you look when you get them picture-perfect. 

Are you ready to get a set of fabulous brows? Book your appointment to achieve the brows you have always dreamed about!