10 Celebrities Who Made The Switch To Solar Power


10 Celebrities Who Made The Switch To Solar Power

Hollywood is becoming greener every day, and celebrities are slowly beginning to choose solar power as the next trend to push.  The Solar Neighbors program was founded more than a decade ago and is only now beginning to catch fire.

The program is extra special because it highlights an agreement with BP Solar to provide solar outfitting for a low-income family every time a celebrity chooses to make the switch.  Edward Norton started the trend towards environmental preservation, and many other celebs have followed suit over the years.

Brad Pitt supports Solar Neighbors

Brad Pitt is a huge supporter of Ed Norton’s Solar Neighbors and is even more well known for his efforts in the 9th ward of New Orleans.  His own project, the Make It Right initiative, is aimed towards restoring the homes of the people who were devastated by the power of Hurricane Katrina.  

Pitt’s foundation has built more than 150 homes for families, and every build is storm-resistant and solar powered throughout.  This celebrity understands the meaning of the word philanthropy.  Way to put those millions to use, Brad Pitt.

Jack Johnson believes in the environment

The famed singer-songwriter, Jack Johnson, is well-known for his environmental enthusiasm.  He hosts a yearly music festival in Hawaii that commonly brings in thousands of concertgoers.

Jack and his lady also founded the Kokua Hawaii Foundation.  Kokua Hawaii is purposed to boost environmental education in the state’s primary schools.

Johnny Depp has a solar-powered island

Johnny Depp has thrown millions into creating his own solar-powered island getaway.  He and his partner Mike Strizki have utilized their ample resources to create a 35-acre solar powered mecca on Little Halls Pond Cay in the Bahamas  

Woody Harrelson supports alternative energy

If you’re a fan of Woody Harrelson, then you are likely already aware of his love for environmental preservation.  Harrelson believes in cutting down our individual impact on the environment by reducing our carbon footprint.

He supports solar power and other alternative energy sources as much as he supports a good laugh.  Harrelson has been quoted saying, “It’s not really a revolution, it’s evolution.”  

Rachel McAdams practices preservation

Rachel McAdams makes her home quite a ways away from the fast-paced lifestyle of Hollywood, California.  She lives in Canada and is a passionate supporter of solar energy.

When at home, she uses a bicycle for transportation, and she never forgets to unplug her appliances while she’s away.  McAdams’ viewpoint is that every little bit helps, and it will take a combined effort to make a true difference in the environment.  She believes we can all take part, even those who live in less than “rich” conditions.