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4 Fashion Products That Are Also Good For Your Health


Beauty and fashion for the sake of beauty and fashion is one thing. But when you start factoring in good health as a result of using products, that takes the relationship to a new level. Plus, if you’re going to put things on your skin anyway, why shouldn’t they have some benefit as a side effect?

For a few examples, consider the following four fashion products that also have benefits for your skin. If the sun is out, you should have sunscreen on. Lip gloss can look good and is also healthy for your smile. There are tremendous benefits of body lotions when used appropriately. And if you shampoo your hair with the right kind of product, you will improve the health of your scalp along with feeling cleaner.


Everyone needs to wear sunscreen to prevent skin cancer later on in life. As a beauty and fashion substance, you can also use it to improve the color or glow of your skin as well. Different products have different ingredients in them, but you have to wear sunscreen anyway, so you might as well choose one that promotes skin health as well as keeping dangerous amounts of the sun away from you. Fashionable people do not look like lobsters because of sunburns!

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss comes in all sorts of colors, textures, and presentations. But not only is it a factor when it comes to appearance, but it can also be good for your health as well. Dry, cracked lips are very painful. Having a useful, protective lip gloss on can be the difference between being unhappy, in pain, and looking in disarray, and feeling confident in the state of your mouth. Lip gloss also comes in versions that are appropriate for both kids and adults.

Body Lotions

People use body lotions for all sorts of different reasons. Some people put body lotion on for the smell. Others put on lotion to moisturize. Whatever your reason for using the product though, you might as well make sure that it is healthy for you, and then the next level would be that it is non-toxic for the environment as well. Choosing a sustainable company or product will help you make that decision.


The final fashion product that you can purchase that also has benefits to your health is a natural shampoo. People get very uptight when they get dandruff or when their hair looks terrible. Buying shampoo that’s the right balance for your hair type, the amount of oil that you have on your head, and the kind of style that you do with your hair can make all the difference in the world to your confidence level as well as promoting healthy skin and hygiene habits.