5 Awesome Sports for People Who Don’t Like Sports


5 Awesome Sports for People Who Don’t Like Sports

Rooting for your favorite team isn’t your thing because you don’t have a team, you’re not into the sports thing. And that is perfectly okay. Sports help keep us active, but so do activities. Here’s our list of 5 awesome sports (activities) for people who don’t like sports, but like having fun.


Get your paddles ready for some pickleball. It’s a sport that combines tennis, badminton and ping pong. It involves underhand serves with a paddle, a modified tennis net and a plastic ball with holes in it. You can play indoors or outdoors and the first person to get to 11 wins. It’s a fun game to play that gives you a full body workout. Plus, it’s a great reason for you and some friends to get together and have some fun.

Horse Riding

Have you ever seen a horse going through an obstacle course and taking fancy steps and interesting gaits? It’s actually kind of amazing to see such a large animal accomplish some of the moves that they do. Dressage is simply learning to ride and train a horse. The point is to develop obedience, flexibility and balance in the horse and patience, dedication, consistency and flexibility within yourself. It’s a very mental sport with rewards that involve more than trophies. You’re also nurturing a deep relationship with an animal.


Bouncing up into the air and being rebounded by a super stretchy trampoline while the wind rushes past you… makes you feel like a child again. If you’ve ever jumped on a trampoline, you know that it requires a lot more muscle control than you’d imagine. And it’s fun to create tumbling combinations that will awe onlookers. If putting a trampoline in your yard isn’t an option, there are trampoline parks where you can get your jump in.


What exactly is orienteering? Simply put, it’s navigation. This highly mental activity is like an escape room that’s outdoors. It combines hiking and navigation. The goal is to find your way from one point to another using only a compass, map and old-fashioned brain power. You can choose just about any location you want, but it’s generally done in the woods, at a park and other more rural locations. You can go alone and work to beat your own times, or you can do it with a group of people. This combination of nature and brains might be perfect for non-sports enthusiasts.


Swimming is both a sport and an activity. It can be done for recreation or as part of your fitness routine. Whether you decide to join a team or not is up to you, but there are tons of swim clubs to help you hone your skill. If you’re more interested in swimming for exercise, not only are you giving your lungs a healthy workout, but you’re also getting a full body workout. Your core is sustaining you while you move your arms and legs. It’s soft on the joints, builds endurance and burns lots of calories.

Although each of these activities is technically a sport, in most instances they don’t feel like a sport. And especially for people who don’t like sports. It just feels like good old-fashioned fun. Sports aren’t for everyone, but you can turn just about anything into a sport, ask the young people.