5 Biggest Health Issues For Seniors


5 Biggest Health Issues For Seniors

As humans begin to live longer than they ever have before in history, seniors are faced with more health issues to manage.  As a result, more and more seniors are actively making smarter lifestyle choices in order to stay healthy in their older age.  

However, even with a healthy lifestyle chronic conditions can arise.  It’s, unfortunately, a matter of age and genetics. Here are some of the most common age-related health challenges that seniors face.

Vision Loss

Vision issues amongst elderly people is a major issue.  Studies show that nearly one-third of Americans suffer some form of vision loss by the time they are 65 years old. Besides general deterioration of eyesight, the most common conditions are glaucoma and cataract.

Vision loss can make it difficult for seniors to be as independent as they once were. They may lose their driving license as a result and require assistance getting around.  They may mistake dangerous products for innocent ones and harm themselves unintentionally.

It’s essential for older adults to attend regular exams to ensure that they catch any issues early on. Routine screenings can detect a problem which could be solved with surgery.   


Arthritis doesn’t only hinder people from being active, but it can be incredibly painful.  Statistics show that it’s one of the most common conditions that seniors share today.

The symptoms of arthritis can be eased through working with your doctor.  By developing the best plan of action together, you can discourage its further development.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is the number one leading cause of death in seniors.  The older that you are, the higher at risk that you are due to a variety of factors.

People who suffer from high blood pressure and cholesterol are much more likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke.

The best way to guard yourself against heart disease is by eating a balanced diet low in cholesterol and engaging in regular exercise.


There are hundreds of thousands of cancer-related deaths in people over 65 every year in the United States.  Although there is no cure as of yet, it is treatable. By attending regular screenings, you can catch it early on.  As a result, you may have better chances of stopping it before it progresses.


While degrading memory is part of old age, Alzheimer’s can wipe out the memory of an entire life.  Alzheimer’s is an extremely common disease in seniors. People diagnosed, suffer from cognitive impairment and lack of ability to care for themselves.

When diagnosed, they are required to be cared for full time either by a family member or assisted living facility, which can make things challenging for the entire family.

While there is no way to avoid this condition, there are early symptoms like memory loss.