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5 Tips On Smart Car Floor Mats Washing For Car Cleanliness Lovers

smart car mat washing

People love cars, for the comfort, the drivability and the travel. They tend to spend considerably huge amount buying the costliest and fastest cars and their accessories. Among the few interior accessories are the floor mats. The car mats are an elementary part of a car’s interior, and apart from complementing the interior looks, they help ensure cleanliness. People who like to keep their cars in great condition would understand the important role played by these mats in the overall appearance of the vehicle.

Traveling in a car with family and friends, even during routine use of the car; dirt and trash can accumulate on the floor of the car. Luckily, someone came up with the concept on floor mats and made our lives simpler and easier. In order to maintain a clean, odour—free and lovely car, one must regularly clean the car – especially the car floor.

Smart car floor mats washing

Though these mats are designed to be robust and durable, to withstand all the dirt and attacks of your footwear; these floor accessories require regular cleaning with vacuum cleaner and care. Here are some best handheld vacuum cleaners on Cleanthefloor.com In order to ensure longevity and good looks of your carpets, you should follow some care and washing tips.

   1. Getting rid of the mess

Before getting started with the mat, you should make sure that you have picked up all the useful things and small objects from the car floor. Next, it is time to get those mats out, so be really careful that you don’t drop the dirt and trash on the carpet. As a smart tip, you could use a vacuum cleaner to get it all out.

   2. Pat the back, get the dirt out

Vacuum got rid of the dirt on the surface level, but there is still a lot stuck in the fabric. So shake it vigorously, or beat the back with a stick. Just don’t go crazy on it, overdoing might damage the mat.

   3. Washing the floor mats

This is the only tricky part of the entire process. You need to look out for the washing instructions for the fabric used on the mat. Generally, the mats can be washed using the clothes detergent, but to avoid any undesirable results better follow the washing method.
You may find some washing products specially made for carpets and floor mats. These are easily available at vehicle maintenance centers, and also you can get them online. Lazpanda a sourcing agent in China has made many products available for users, worldwide.

In case, the mats are victims of stubborn stains, you don’t need to worry as there are numerous spot removers available in the market. If the stains aren’t that major, the detergent can give promising results.

   4. Rinsing 

It is important to properly rinse off all the detergent, to avoid spots and messy carpet. So hose the mat with clean water and wash it thoroughly.

   5. Drying 

After the hosing, it is time for drying. The important thing here is the material of the carpet. Based on the material, the drying process may vary and must be strictly followed to ensure that the mat isn’t spoiled. Some may dry within few minutes, while others may take as long as a day. Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

If you are a messy car owner or have small kids in your family, opting for cloth mats would not be a wise choice. Rather getting a rubber mat would help keep things neat and your car looks goods. Another useful tip, don’t wash fabric based carpets too frequently – as it may affect its life.