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Allen Bradley 1326 Motors – Editors Review


Allen Bradley 1326 motors are high quality and stand up to exceptional conditions such as the extreme thermal and electrical demands of low-speed, high torque applications. Allen Bradley 1326 motors come with efficient designs and optimum variable speed performance and service life. They are durable motors for use in harsh environments.

Allen Bradley 1326 motors are best for monitoring and measuring current sensing motor speed, sensing temperature, position, and monitoring and controlling multichannel voltages, movement, and high-accuracy motor control with encoder data interfaces.

Almost all modern industrial and commercial undertakings employ electric drive in preference to Allen Bradley 1326 motors because they possess the following advantages:

  • It is easy in construction and comes with less maintenance cost
  • They are neat, clean and free from any smoke or flue gases
  • Speed control is easy as well smooth
  • They can be started instantly without any loss of time
  • They can be remotely controlled
  • They can be installed at any preferred convenient place thus affording more flexibility in the layout
  • Being compact, it requires less space
  • They have a comparatively longer life.
  • If you need specific Allen Bradley motors, then you may choose this item.

Moreover, they come with high speed at high loads. Bradley 1326 motors are commonly used for drives which require large starting torque and adjustable but constant speed as in coil winding machines.

But what do the numerals that make up the Allen Bradley motor model number mean? We asked our technical team to help us break it down for you. Bradley 1326 motors in this series always start with 1326 AB to denote the series number and Allen Bradley as the manufacturer. Have a look:

Here’s the model number breakdown: 1326AB

The 1st position in the 2nd section designated the frame diameters of the motor. There are 3 different frame diameters: A, B, and C.

  • A: Comes with 4.25 inches (108 mm)
  • B: Comes with 5.88 inches (149 mm)
  • C: Comes with 7.63 inches (194 mm)

The 2nd position in the 2nd section refers to the stack-length. The stack-length is the physical length of the Allen Bradley motor, within a transmitted frame size.

The 3rd position in the 2nd section describes what the motor’s highest operating speed is. There are 4 different speeds for the Allen Bradley 1326 AB series motor: B, C, E, and G.

  • B: Refers 1600 RPM
  • C: Refers 2000 RPM
  • E: Refers 3000 RPM
  • G: Refers 5000 RPM

The 3rd section designates the motor’s face as well flange dimensions. There are 2 different options: 11 and 21.

  • 11 Refers: NEMA inch combination face or flange with keyway
  • 21 Refers: Metric dimensions NEMA pr IEC metric flange

The last section shows brake options for the Allen Bradley motor. 6options exist for this motor model: A4, A5, A7, K4, K5, and K7.

  • A4: 72 lb. In. (8.1 Nm)
  • A5: 120 lb. In. (13.6 Nm)
  • A7: 400 lb. In. (45.2 Nm)
  • K4: 72 lb. In. (8.1 Nm)
  • K5: 120 lb. In. (13.6 Nm)
  • K7: 400 lb. In. (45.2 Nm)

If you have an Allen Bradley 1326 AB Series Motor, you have a dependable, high-performance AC motor that works in a diversity of applications. Have a nice day with these excellent items.

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