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5 Best Things Every Man Should Have/Buy


There is a lot of responsibility when it comes to being a man. It would be difficult to list everything you should have. Actually, it’s not possible that you will have all the necessary things. But you should aware of the things or commodities every man Should Have. So, the following is a good start.

Multipurpose Tool

The number one thing for any man’s pocket should be a multipurpose tool. This isn’t your dad’s Swiss Army Knife. This is that on steroids. Pliers, screwdrivers, scissors, knives, corkscrew, anything you can think of, this handy tool will be there for you. Some even come equipped with seat belt rippers and points that can break a car window. You know, for when you inadvertently drive off a bridge into a lake. This tool will have you prepared for just about anything.

Jumper Cables

At least one set for each car that you own. Perhaps another set for your garage. You always want to be prepared in the event that your car won’t start. You can’t rely on someone else having jumper cables in the back of their car. This way you can also be the hero in the parking lot when someone else’s battery has gone dead. There is no better feeling than coming to rescue of some hapless stranger. If they’re especially nice, you can gift them your extra set and make a friend for life. Imagine telling that story years later. “Remember the time I saved you?” Classic.

Charcoal Grill

It makes things taste better. This is irrefutable fact. A gas grill will never give you that crisp, woodsy flavor. Every man should have a grill. If you’re spending the money, might as well get the right grill. You can tell a lot about a man by the caliber of his grill and the state of the pan under it. Don’t even try to say you don’t judge your friends if their grease pan is pristine. Those guys probably have a gas grill too. Charcoal is always the way to go.

LED Flashlight

Preferably one that will fit in your pocket or glove compartment. You might also want to strategically place these around your house. For how cheap they are, you can afford to buy many. LED flashlights last at least one hundred hours, which means you won’t have to worry about the bulbs burning out when the power takes a hit. Plus, they are ultra-bright, making them just perfect to inspect the darkest of nooks and crannies. Need to crawl under your house? Take your LED flashlight.

The Joy of Cooking Cookbook

Of all the Things Men Buy, this has to be the most important. Nothing is more attractive than a man who can cook. This cookbook has all sorts of recipes in it. This ain’t your mother’s cookbook either. It has recipes for deer and opossum too. Really impress your date by cooking something manly and delicious. It’s also handy for those nights that you just want a good home cooked meal. Who knows better to cook for your tastes than yourself?

That’s all for today’s list. If you have any additional idea, please let me know by comments.