The Top 5 Most Trustworthy Electric Cello Brands


First introduced in 1660, the cello is an instrument of the Violin family that the world continues to cherish. Furthermore, this bowed string instrument commonly found in symphonic orchestras is played by positing it in between a seated player’s legs. Despite its seemingly large size, it only contains four strings. After years of continuous education and development by innovators and musicians alike, the cello has been passed on to the modern-day wherein an electric version of such was eventually made.

Just like any instrument, the cello is an art and choosing the right one determines the quality of your craft. With that, we have narrowed down and deliberated on the top five electric cello brands that would be essential on your journey to learning or practicing this wonderful instrument.

The NS Design 

The NS design not only has remarkable design, it also has an incredible range of tones and texture for playing. As a player, you may a) adjust between the treble and bass, b) control the volume, and c) optimize the tone of the cello. Moreover, it comes with a portable stand that aids while you are playing seated. The strings vary from 4-6 strings.


The Glasser is one of the more practical brands of the bunch. Their cello is made very sturdily as it is resistant to weather changes and damage; it can even be played out in the snow! It is perfect for performers who do shows in outdoor areas. Furthermore, it boasts an active tailpiece system. Its patent construction allows for great-sounding tones besides its outstanding durability. It is set-up with full strings and comes with tuners.

Yamaha (SVC)

The Yamaha has a resonating chamber making its sound close to its traditional cello counterpart. It is one of the most practical choices for travelers being known as the “travel cello”. It is designed to embody a natural acoustic tone when accurately amplified.


This frame-like electric cello is stylish and has very reliable volume control for players to practice with peace and comfort. It features a 1/8” jack that can be connected to amps or PA systems. On top of that, it has a quality volume control, a jack for headphones, and background music. It also includes light-weight packaging. Such is more suitable for more experienced cellists and cello students.


Stagg is typically the best brand to go with for amateur or beginner cellists. Besides its inexpensive price range, the tone of the cello is very rich and has its own headphone jack for silent practice. It is full-sized, made of maple, built with bass and volume controls, and equipped with an active preamp.

In lieu of these, choosing the best brand for you highly depends on your circumstances as a cellist. You must first determine your functions, performing location, and level of expertise in order to come up with an important decision on which electric cello to invest in. We hope, however, that we make your decision easier with this narrowed down list of brands that are worth your trust and money.