6 Ways to Care for Your Ageing Chrysler Vehicle


Car manufacturer Chrysler, considered one of North America’s “big three” companies, is as famous for its long-standing vintage lines as it is for its newer cars. Models like the Chrysler 300, the Chrysler Sebring, and the Chrysler Voyager—all of which have a pedigree of more than twenty years—have withstood the test of time and earned “classic” status among New Zealanders. It wouldn’t be hard to find a Kiwi driver whose vintage car of choice was a Chrysler if you aren’t already one yourself! 

Maintaining a classic Chrysler car can be as rewarding as caring for other vintage items, such as watches, typewriters, or antique furniture. Items like these are priceless to their owners not just for how they looked when they were brand new, but for how often they can be used and enjoyed. Ensuring a long service life for your Chrysler vehicle will take some work on your part, however, and to that end, you can take into consideration the following maintenance tips. 

Find a trustworthy supplier of auto parts to keep your Chrysler running.

Past the twenty-year mark, it will be inevitable for your Chrysler’s auto parts to undergo wear and tear. But it is actually easy to switch out the old parts for new ones, as Chrysler parts and accessories in New Zealand are readily available to owners of all Chrysler models. Find a reputable supplier who can outfit your car with replacement parts that match your exact Chrysler model. 

Agree on a maintenance schedule with your local mechanic.

The older your car model is, the more frequent its maintenance schedule will have to be in order to guard you against imminent vehicle failure. Do call up your neighbourhood mechanic and agree on a maintenance schedule for your Chrysler—whether it be a maintenance regimen based on normal driving conditions, or a more “severe” schedule due to regular exposure to bad weather, rough roads, and other damaging elements.

Change your Chrysler’s oil on a regular basis.

Part of your car’s maintenance agenda should be changing its oil regularly. Older cars require more frequent oil changes to prolong their engine life. Commit to changing the oil every six months or every 3,000 miles (approximately 4,828 kilometres), whichever of the two comes first.

Switch out the car’s brake pads.

Deteriorating brake pads are not something you’d want on your Chrysler. Not only will you suffer an unpleasant shrieking noise every time you hit the brakes, you also risk your own safety and that of your passengers if your car won’t stop when it needs to. Thus, you may want to invest in new brake pads to ensure smooth, safe stops on every ride.

Remember to hand-wash your Chrysler and give it a new coat of wax regularly.

Give your Chrysler vehicle a gentle hand wash every two weeks; any longer than that and it may incur bumps, scratches, or rust. This is a particularly important step if you want to preserve the chrome detailing –  a hallmark feature of some Chrysler models, like the 300. Cap off your cleaning routine with a fresh coat of wax at least twice a year to give your Chrysler’s paint job some extra protection from corrosive materials.

Store your car in a safe, dry place.

Lastly, you will want to store your vintage Chrysler in an indoor space with a regulated temperature, safe from excessive heat, wind, rain, and attacks from pests. It’s also recommended that you purchase your own car cover. You should find one that fits the exact Chrysler model that you own. 

The two-decade mark shouldn’t signal the end of your Chrysler’s service life. With proper maintenance and repair—as well as regular driving—it could last you a good deal longer than that. If it does, then you will have deserved the pride that comes with owning a classic Chrysler car!