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7 Best Mass Gaining Supplements For Ectomorphs


Today, one can easily get a solution to improve a muscle growth using various diet products. However, an effect achieved by the various gainers or shakes varies due to the somatotype of a certain user. Thus, if the people possessing the various body structures use the same supplement, their results will differ. Moreover, the thin and lightly muscled people, also known as ectomorphs, experience the worst results in gaining muscles.

Nevertheless, nothing is impossible and the people can use various meal replacements like muscle building supplement to get the considerable results. If you doubt which gainer to select, look at the seven best solutions designed to facilitate the muscle building process for ectomorphs.

   1. Isopure Mass

Let’s welcome a brilliant solution for those who attempt to build muscles and increase mass. Each portion of this shake does supply an incredible amount of energy. A user gets around 200 calories per serving. Besides, you will not find carbs in the content of the shake. Nevertheless, a user gets 50g of top-quality protein made if milk isolate. The gainer is lactose-free making it especially popular among the users with the lactose intolerance.

   2. Mass Gainer

This ultimate gainer designed by Body Fortress offers two options of gaining calories. The first one is to use three scoops of this famous product resulting in 520 calories and 20 grams of protein to build the lean mass. If you double the serving and make a shake of six scoops, the energy value will grow up to 1030 calories providing 40g of protein.

   3. Mutant Mass

Look at its name and you will understand how good the gainer is. Some users may be freaked out with the rates of the mass growth provided by Mutant Mass. Let’s put jokes aside. The gainer can boast of more than 40 ingredients. A serving made of two scoops offers an ordinary energy value. If you need an ultimate performance, add four scoops to your blender and enjoy a mixture of more than 1,000 calories.

   4. NextLVL Gainer

A good gainer must bring results and be tasty. This solution does comply with these two requirements. Treat yourself with a delicious chocolate shake offered by the LVLUP Nutrition. If you mix the gainer with milk, the taste will be better and the energy value will increase 830 calories. In each serving of NextLVL Gainer, you will find 127 grams of carbs, 54 grams of protein, and other required nutrients.

   5. Mass Tech

Meet another top rated product for building muscles. The ectomorphs will definitely appreciate the power of Mass Tech because of its 840 calories. At the same time, you can use milk instead of water to make a shake and increase the energy value up to 1070 calories. I hope that 80 grams of the top-quality protein per serving are more than enough to develop your muscle mass.

   6. Iron Mass

This product made by the brand named after the famous bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger Series, has the lower nutrition data compared to the above-mentioned brands. Nevertheless, this supplement contains an anabolic growth complex to promote weight gain in ectomorphs. The protein sources include lactoferrin and hydrolyzed beef protein.

   7. Combat XL

Forget about any troubles associated with the growth of muscles and pay attention to the MusclePharm solution called Combat XL. The shake is highly rated by the users for its performance. A regular serving consists of the four scoops. However, you may vary the amount of gainer making a shake that meets your requirements to the energy value and consistency.