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7 Reasons Showing Why It Is Best To Hand Design Your Website


Internet has always proved to be a great mode of communication for businesses worldwide. It allows connecting with each other like never before and also helps to create applications for easy usability. As design trends have evolved over the past years, we`ve now seen a big transition between many different styles of design being developed. Modern business websites are no exception and have seen massive growth over the past decade with more people coming online for their business and making connections with their users so as to create the sharability of their product ultimately between each others.

Websites are important you know already! Now what more important is the development of your website. There are many ways using them, website can be developed in no matter of time. Being a social media user, you might have had came across ads promoting free ABC website development or XYZ solutions for website development. Here, I am taking ABC and XYZ free website developments as those site making applications where you have to drag the component and drop it to the respective place and thus designing your website`s page without putting extra pinch of coding. While understanding the working of these websites, you might be thinking that it is a great idea to develop websites with the help of drag-n-drop site builders as they are saving your time and effort. But after reading the 7 reasons mentioned below, you will be clear to the doubts of why it is not recommended to use these site builders and Mobile Design Experts choose hand coding your website:

1. The Site Remains on the platform where it is hosted:

The website built by you on the site builder remains on the site builders. There is no way of transferring them to other hosting platform if you plan to change your hosting partner. Thus you need to reconstruct your website if you planned to shift on other platform.

2. Free Websites are not always Free:

You expected those site builders to be free but the reality is these site builders will not charge you anything in the start but when you will be free building your website, then the real part of charging money will start so be ready to shed your pockets.

3. Your website will seem irrelevant to people:

You client will soon came to know about the DIY site builder you have used to build your site as the hosting company will place a logo there on your website telling people that you have created your website from this ABC website builder for free.

4. You will understand your own code:

Building website through hand code ways will help you know where exactly the part of code is placed but if you are using any site builder then you will not be aware of any code used as the code will be saved in metadata formats.

5. Your own code will look simple and more efficient:

If you will get your website from hand coding technique, you will certainly come up with a better design and look but those XYZ site builders will add more complexity to your website design thus making it look fake with complex designs.

6. Your code will be more secure:

Building your website through hand code will be more secure and your piece of code will remain secured with you but as you will be using the site builder of that free XYZ Company, your code will be in their hands and they will be having authority over your code.

7. Your Own Code Will be Original:

Website made through coding will remain original with fresh and unique content but a website made with site builder will be same as others will also be using the drag-n-drop tools of the site builder thus ending up making same website designs.

It is therefore always advised to get your website hand coded. At Unicode Solutions, You will be provided with a best-in-class service for developing your very own website with an added pinch of value to your business. Unicode Solutions has also worked with Startups and well established businesses providing consultancy for Website Designing, Development, Mobile and Web Applications development and also giving services like Ecommerce and Internet Marketing at very good prices. You will see a beautiful website being developed and they will strive hard to take your business to the targeted audience preferred by you and will also engage them for your competitive success.

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