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How to Incorporate Permaculture Into Your Life


The world is on the verge of destruction. It is better to save it before everything is swept off. Even small steps showing your concern about the environment can bring a change.  Before adopting permaculture, you need to understand precisely what it means. Permaculture is a concept of using natural resources in our daily life. It is the process of showing love and affection to nature as well as to people. It includes avoiding the use of artificial things, now used in our daily life. It has been proven a couple of times that excess use of chemicals is the cause of death of natural resources. Permaculture promotes the use of recyclable stuff and increasing natural vegetation.

It is better to take proper education for permaculture, but it is not necessary, you can still do fine. Reminisce, always small steps lead towards greatness. You can start by initiating from your house, then to street and from street to a whole city. Sometimes a little spark is enough to spread the fire all around. Modest steps like avoidance of throwing garbage on the roads, less consumption of processed foods and using recyclable stuff, is your honesty towards nature and yourself.

If you want some guidance on the courses, there are some permaculture projects offered by RakTamachat. Rak Tamachat provides easy but effective courses. Here is the list of the courses provided by Rak Tamachat.

  • Permaculture Design Course (PDC)
  • Combined Permaculture Design & Natural Building Course
  • That Natural Building Course – N.B.C

The list continues, but these will give you the gist of their work.

Now, let’s talk about how you are going to implement permaculture in your life.

Live according to nature’s rule

God has created things a specific way because he knows better, how the world is going to work. Technology may have brought revolution and may have made our lives easier but going against the law of nature is treacherous. Consider the example of vegetation, if you try to grow mangoes in winter, it might work with the use of chemicals and by providing artificial atmosphere. It may taste the same, but it will never have the same nutrition; instead, use of hazardous fertilizers can cause incurable diseases. Go with the law of nature and eat the fruit when the season arrives.

Adopt permaculture régime

People happen to have the mindset that permaculture is only the way of changing agricultural methods and techniques. What needs to be educated to them is that they might be the same treatment to nature as any other thing is. Most of the people are the damaging character without even knowing what they are doing. If a person is driving around in a car which is producing smoke, he might not understand that this smoke is causing severe damage. It is the responsibility of every citizen as well as the government to take care of this problem and educate the person.


Recycling means to reuse the waste material. Recyclable stuff becomes the part of the food chain and does not affect the environment. Non-recyclable stuff like plastic bags, are gigantic deathtrap and has the most significant contribution when it comes to soil pollution. Governments have taken steps to increase recycling all around the world. Recycling can be done on an individual level as well. We have seen the examples of people who have built housing societies for homeless people by just using plastic bottles from dumpsters. The bottles are filled with simple mud and then joined using cement. This was a beneficial step for both giving shelter to the homeless and reusing the plastic.