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Are There Health Benefits To Wearing Natural Pearls?


Most women tend to wear natural pearl gemstones as adornments.  What they may not realise is how beneficial wearing such gemstones can prove to their health and wellbeing as well.

Yes, they do add a touch of elegance and style to any outfit, but they also possess a number of very distinctive characteristics.

When it comes to Chinese and Vedic astrology there is a belief that if a gemstone is compatible with a person’s chart it can help to absorb certain potentials of the planets.  This, in turn, provides the wearer with certain health benefits.

As an astrological gemstone natural pearls carry a great deal of value but often get sidelined when compared with others.

It is said that by wearing such gemstones you will help to remove the evil effects that the moon can have upon you.   Also, it is said that these can in turn help to strengthen the force of a person’s mind.

I know that women when they wear a beautiful pearl necklace or earrings feel a great deal more confidence in who they are.  This is because they find that pearls, when worn, seem to make them feel a little more special and glamorous.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Natural Pearls?

1. Physical Health

When wearing natural pearls it can bring about quite a number of health benefits.   Some may see that they don’t suffer from heat rash as often, whilst others may notice that they no longer have issues with their blood pressure.

2.  Helps Provide Support For Your Digestive System

For women who suffer from issues relating to their stomach, they may see improvements.  For example, they may find that it helps to soothe problems relating to the lining of their stomach.  They may also see that their appetite improves.

3.  A Cure For Many Diseases

You may not believe it but wearing natural pearls can help to assist in treating and curing diseases that revolve around certain organs in the body.  We’ve already discussed above how it can help to deal with blood pressure issues, in turn, it can also help to deal with other health issues relating to the heart.

This gemstone releases a subtle energy aura that actually helps to ensure that your heartbeat remains normal.

4.  Good For Your Bones

As we get older, of course, we start to have to deal with issues relating to our bones.  For anyone who suffers from rheum related health problems may find wearing such gemstones very beneficial.  It is believed that wearing such will help to improve bone strength.

5.  An Aid For Depression Or Anxiety

If you were to wear a natural pearl you may discover that it helps in easing the symptoms often associated with anxiety or depression.

Were you someone who suffered a traumatic event when you were a child? Well wearing natural pearls will help to ease any scars or old wounds you may have.

The Moon is known as the mother planet in astrological terms and by wearing pearls (the moon’s gemstone) it will provide the wearer with protection, as well as acting to help heal that person.  You may find it works on a very subtle level to get rid of those difficult emotional feelings you have.

6. Provides Enlightenment For Body And Mind

As pearls are cold to the touch they are often said that they can help to regulate the temperature of a person’s body.   Some people say that wearing pearls when they suffer from a fever help to bring it down.  The same can also be said when suffering from hyper conditions as well.

As you can see above there are plenty of wonderful health benefits to be gained from wearing natural pearl gemstones.  But you also need to be aware that certain colours will have an effect on your body and your health.

Most natural pearls are white, cream, silver or black.  Generally, those that are pink, lavender or gold aren’t real pearls but are cultured ones that have then been treated.

So you need to look carefully at what you are looking to purchase before you buy any.  The problem is that natural pearls are very expensive and also very rare.  Although cultured pearls are made through the process of inserting the bead into the oyster by a pearl farmer.  The actual process of creating a pearl is still left to the oyster.  As a result of this, they tend to cost less.

In fact, many of these beautiful cultured pearls will have many of the same characteristics as natural pearl gemstones.  So, in turn, may be able to provide you with similar health benefits but at a fraction of the cost.

Although there are many health benefits to be had from wearing such, women still see them as something to wear because they feel so lovely on.  Also, they really do make the wearer feel special and add a touch of glamour to any outfit.

Using any alternative health remedy should be done with caution and under the supervision of a medical professional.  If you have a serious condition, consult your physician.