Basic Principles Of A Stellar Business Website Design


Modern business requires your operation to have a digital identity.  Building your organization’s online visibility starts by designing a well-planned business website.  In small business, the responsibility of web builder typically falls on the entrepreneur heading the operation.

If you’re no web designer, you’ll need to know how to find the best tools to help you get the job done.  Start your research now, and check out this brief description of a few basic principles of a stellar business website design.

Navigation for your design

No website is very user-friendly without a way to navigate the content provided.  You need a clearcut manner of navigation for passing visitors. The most common way business web builders integrate movement into their design is by adding a stationary navigation bar.

Creativity in navigation is welcome, but it’s wise to keep your design simple.  Check out the clean design of this business website for pressure regulator skids.  There is no questioning how to get around the design, because the movement comes naturally.

Communication is important

Design your website to enhance communication efforts between your organization and its target audience.  There’s more to designing for communication than simply adding a “Contact Us” page to your site design.

Add other pleas for communication by learning to integrate an effective “call to action.”  You may also consider adding a “leave a comment” box to the bottom of your blog posts, or add a contact phone number to the homepage of your business website.

Mobile optimization is a must

Optimize your business website design to function and display with ease on the varying screens of today’s most popular mobile devices.  The majority of web users browsing the pages of the internet are accessing those pages from a mobile medium.

Your business website will be more versatile and draw in more users with proper optimization.  Look into what media queries can do for your business website design, and enhance the efficiency of your site now.

Social media sharing icons

Add social media sharing icons in strategic places throughout the pages of your business website design.  Social media is a huge resource to connecting with the people, and your business can always benefit from the added visibility.

Millions of people roam the pages of social media every day, and you want to be a part of their discoveries along the way.  Add sharing icons to your homepage, your contact page, and to all of your business blog posts.

Learn the value of search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is the key to building effective digital content.  When you are fluent in the concepts of SEO, you will be able to build digital content that ranks higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages).