Best Movies To Watch About Nannies


Best Movies To Watch About Nannies

Movie night with the kids isn’t always hosted by mom and dad. Sometimes the nanny gets the opportunity to enjoy the calm presence of the little ones.  If you are the nanny, you’ll need some great movies to keep the kids engaged.

Some of the best subject matter for the big screen comes from the job of a nanny, and there are many excellent movies highlighting the position.  Check out a few of the best movies to watch with nannies as the driving force.

Mrs. Doubtfire

As the result of an ugly divorce, a father is denied free access to his children.  After devising a plan, he poses as a cookie-cutter nanny to arrange more quality time with his kids.  The movie is hilarious and perfectly suitable to watch with kids.  

Robin Williams is the lead in the movie, and it’s not one you should miss.  Let an old comedian in drag make for a relaxing evening full of laughs.

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is an age-old classic nanny movie that every kid should have the opportunity to enjoy.  Mary Poppins is the best of the best in terms of nannies. The woman can sing. She can clean your room at the snap of her fingers, and her purse can fit a whole floor lamp with ease.  

Julie Andrews gives a stellar performance as the nanny of two unruly children.  She would get nanny of the month every month of the year if she were real.  If you love dancing cartoons and endless imagination, press play on Mary Poppins.


Nanny McPhee is a mysterious, magical figurehead that appears when there is a dire need for the taming of wild children.  In this movie, the star nanny uses the powers of her magical staff to manipulate the mischievous behavior of the children.  

The widowed father of the seven unruly children is not able to juggle the pressures of losing his wife, work, and taking care of the kids.  Nanny McPhee steps in and saves the day. She quickly earns the respect of the children with a perfect mixture of love and discipline.

The Sound of Music

A problem nun is cast away from her nunnery to govern a troupe of extremely disciplined children.  Their widowed dad is a military man, and he is quick to instill those guidelines in his children.  

Marie, the new nanny, arrives just in time to teach this stiff family how to lighten up a bit.  What better way to bring fun back to a robotic family than a hefty dose of singing, dancing, and costumes made from curtains?  

Uptown Girls

The roles are reversed in this modern nanny tale.  Uptown Girls tells the story of Molly and a little girl who should be a 40-year-old business woman.  The two teach one another a little about balance, and the importance of having fun alongside order.