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Best news website in India


News are most important source of latest happening, unpleasant incident, primary issue and upcoming events of outside world. News keep everyone updated and helps in making correct decision with intellectual debate. There are plenty sites that provides latest news from India and the world. Ranked below are the best and top 5 News, Media and Current Affairs websites in India. These sites are ultimate resource in-case you are searching for best news website in India.

1. India Times – indiatimes.com

Best-news-website-in-India-IndiaTimesIndiatimes.com is known for exclusive news coverage through Times of India. This is the best news website in India as per Alexa ranking and reader feedback.

2. NDTV – ndtv.com


Latest News from India, India News, Business, India Finance, Bollywood, Cricket, IPL, T20, Lifestyle and Videos. NDTV network is one of the biggest news network in India.

3. India Today – intoday.in


A weekly covering politics, general interest news and entertainment. India today group is well known for its pollitical reports.

4. Hindustan Times – hindustantimes.com


Extensive news coverage on Indian politics, business and economy. HT is also one of the biggest news paper agency in India.

5. Mid-Day – mid-day.com


News, Opinion, Entertainment, Sports, life @ Work, Comics & Fun, Dating & Relationship, What’s On, Specials, Lifestyle newspaper from Mumbai.

These was all about best news websites in India. You may check today’s top trending news here.